Iconic french bulldog puppies Reviews - Iconic french bulldog puppies Scam or Legit

Armando –

Victim Location 62040

Total money lost $648

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website advertised french bulldog puppies for sale for $ 600 and showed pictures of 6 cute puppies for sale all 9 weeks old. I responded that I was interested in buying one. They responded via email wanted to know if I had any knowledge of the breed and their possible health problems and what kind of household I had and if it was suitable for a small dog. After answering their questions they felt I would be a suitable pet parent. I was told the reason the puppies were so cheap was they were expecting another litter at the end of the month and were trying to make room, They then sent me a two page contract to sign and instructions to go to Walgreens or a grocery store and send the money western union money in a minute. Contract has a money back guarantee.

As soon as they get their payment that includes shipping charged they will take the puppy to the shipper who will contact me as to when I can expect to meet my puppy at the nearest airport I gave them the name of usually within 24 hours. The shipping charge included in the $ 600 also included a pet nanny flying with the puppy so she would be well taken care of. They have shipped liked this dozens of times. I came home sent them the info on the money transfer, approx a half hour later I receive a email from

Safeway Shippers saying they have been hired to ship the puppy and the ticket has been paid, they will send me the flight info as soon as it is confirmed. A half hour later I receive another email from Safeway saying I need to go to Walmart and send $990 for deposit and rent on a special dog crate for my puppy to be transported in. I was told I would receive $960 cash back with my puppy for the refund of the deposit of the crate. Of course I got a text from seller that am saying they were dropping puppy off at shipper and would be unavailable all day. I called an airline they never heard of anything like that, neither had the airport. All they require is airline approved crates that can be purchased at any pet store or Walmart. The shipper called me and I told him I was not Paying, he said you have to, I said no. I called seller and tole her I was not paying that it was not disclosed ahead of time. She said you have to everyone does, you will get it back. we went back and forth all day. I asked if she had checked on puppy at shipper all day, she said your puppy is fine, kind of snotty. She said she would guarantee my money back. I told her I did not have it. If she is so sure about it to pay it for me and I would send the whole $990 back to her as soon as I got my puppy and the deposit from the nanny. She said I had to Pay. Finally by end of day I told her she might want to go pick up the puppy from shipper if it was even there. I want to cancel contract and get my money back. I see she did not lose any advertise time because the one I wanted was still on website. I tried for 2 weeks to either get get my money back or a puppy.

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