Ian brown

Ian brown Reviews, Check Ian brown Scam or Legit
Adrienne –

Victim Location 98393

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying for a administration assistant job on CTjob.com and I applied with my resume. Few days later a guy name Ian Brown email me back saying I was the potential candidate for the job I just had to resend my information for a background check. Simple information where I live state zip city name martial status and age. So I replied back. Then he told me I had the job. The job was a personal assistant online. I didn’t apply to assistant online job. He told me he’ll be sending me some information to me. I then told him I do not wish to take the job and don’t send me anything. So told he email me saying he shipped the packages to me and it should arrive on Monday. I do not wish to be involve and illegal activities that this dude is trying to pull. I didn’t take the job. I told him I didn’t want the job, but he still sent me something that I didn’t want. I need your help.

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