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Adam –

Victim Location 92870

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Employment

Falsely suggests and Amazon-related home based business to support logistics movement of packages into Amazon warehouses. Sends email invite, then a series of documents referring to "" (or other similar types of websites), with job description, then a job offer, and a series of packages sent to victim’s residence, promising payment after sending the packages to a pre-paid USPS, UPS or FedEx labels.

This con involves sending a FAQ page, to try and pre-answer any reasonable questions the victim may have, to further falsely imply they are legitimate. They ask for payment form to be complete (attached), to give the impression they wish to pay the victim for services provided, another form of con. Likely someone at this organization collects revenue for the shipping logistics performed by the victims, but the actual work done by the victims for receiving payment is the scam…

Website registers the scammed victim, and provides a tally of promised payment for each package processed ($40 per accepted package) after the 1st month, with a down-count of 30 days shown on the website to indicate progress. After 30 days, the website account is locked, with no access, and no response to email or phone. None of the names of the website (Jay Retboll, Mark Brown, Caitlin Rasing) demonstrate honor or fairness. The associates only offer assurances before the 30 days, and silence thereafter. Avoid this, or similar themed scams!

*Some expense is incurred, for your time, gas to UPS/FedEx location to ship the package, printing of the labels, and shipping materials.

Danny –

Victim Location 85248

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Employment

Do not give me my reimbursement for the shipping supplies I had to buy and said it was my decision. Mailing and inspect products scammed.

Jordan –

Victim Location 85248

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Employment

I received a suspicious email regarding I should get a letter from PayPal. It stated that I should not worry and just mail it back to them due to that my informations is being use only for shipping. They don’t want to reimburse me for the packaging items I bought either but I didnt know at the time so I started to search about the company and it is a scammed. Please beware for company shipping to your informations for their own selfish act and involving the innocents.

Ricardo –

Victim Location 94587

Type of a scam Employment

They told me that I would get 40 dollars each package I ship back out .

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