Health and human srrvi6 Reviews - Health and human srrvi6 Scam or Legit

Tristan –

Victim Location 64730

Type of a scam Government Grant

They have been harassing me with phone call after phone call, from different numbers with the same 202 area code, telling me I earned a $9000 Grant for being a "good citizen" with no criminal record, that has never owed any taxes. When I asked how I was supposed to believe it wasn’t a scam this guy very rudely told me that I was "not to use the word scam when dealing with the government." But they couldn’t answer any of my questions, just kept repeating themselves of the steps I was supposed to do to to get off the calling list. He asked me what he needed to do to prove to me that he was legit, so I asked him what his government ID number was. If he is working for the government like he was claiming, he would then have to provide his ID, he got very defensive at this point and demanded to know why he needed to provide me with that number, I told him that if I needed to prove who I was to him then he needed to verify to me that he was actually from the government. He became hostile and ended the call.

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