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FinAid Financial Loan Firm/24 Hours Financial Solutions Loan Firm Reviews, Check FinAid Financial Loan Firm/24 Hours Financial Solutions Loan Firm Scam or Legit
Carrie –

Victim Location 89431

Total money lost $2,088.47

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

On Sept. 12, 2019, in response to a suggestion by Experian Credit Report, I was linked to a loan web-site called Morevna???; I filled out all the personal information required to qualify for a loan, (name, address, DL, Bank Account); but at the end of the application I spotted something I didn’t agree too, so I exited out of the web-site. The next day I get an email saying I was qualified for the loan. It had all the information populated from the first application. Loan offer came from FinAid Financial Loan Firm/24 Hour Finance Solution Firm, dated 9/23/19. It showed the Contract and terms, which at the time and my desperation for a loan was reasonable to me. It was a $10,000.00 loan at 3.00% interest for 5 years.And you get a grace period of 3 months before needing to repay. It was a Bank to Bank transfer of funds. The only requirement was to pay a loan origination fee of $270.00 which would be refunded back after 1 year with interest. And you would also have to pay Insurance fee to was to be paid by the lender, but later turned out to be me. But since I was late in making a decision the loan fee went up. So I paid it; then I was told I need to pay a different fee, which i did. Then another, at that time I said no I wanted my money back; I was told they could cancel it but I would have to pay a Lawyer’s fee of $2,220.00, and since I only invested $900.00; I said no and demanded my money. But they kept on coming up with demands and offers to hook me. And to this day it is always that way. The BBB; FTC; and local law enforcement has declared them as Advance Fee Online Loan scammers. The CEO name is phoney: Mrs. Martha Reed; General Consultant; L&.F. H. L. and CEO 1178 Brehler Ave. Sanger, CA 93657 United States, Turkey, South Africa and Ukraine on documents.

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