Dominion Energy – fake

Angel –

Victim Location 20136

Type of a scam Utility

Received a call from Jay Martinez, claiming a issue with a payment. Was told to call 1-800-358-7640 for more info. When I called and stated the issue, they asked for an account number. I told them I did not have it on me. They looked it up by phone number. Was transferred to a Cindy Johnson, Stated I need to come to main office in lancaster, VA to make a payment or have power disconnected at 1:30. I expressed to them, I could not fdrive 2 hrs to lancaster to pay bill. Was told to go to a 7 eleven and purchase utility payment vouchers. was instructed to call from 7 eleven to make sure I purchase the correct one.

Luckily, I do not have a dominion energy account.

Francisco –

Victim Location 20175

Type of a scam Utility

Someone with a heavy African accent called to warn us they were on their way to shut off our energy within the hour. They referred me to a number for the dispatch (listed). Upon calling, they gave us a phony amount of $373.91 that required being paid within 24hrs via express payment. We would need to pay via MoneyPak, they gave us the closest location where we could purchase this "MoneyPak" payment option. The amount did not match any of our bills. They called once again while I was on the other line with Dominion, who affirmed that this is definitely a scam.

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