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Travis –

Victim Location 80301

Total money lost $8.99

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I am reporting a fraudulent business in Colorado. I googled “renew Colorado driver’s license” and was the first thing to pop up. The website is made to look like an official Colorado website. However, it is a private fraudulent company that has placed an ad with Google to buy the 1st-search-result placement. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to realize I was clicking on an ad, and the website wasn’t the state of Colorado. On the website, I clicked on renew driver’s license, and then filled out the form, which included my birthdate and my payment information (yikes!) and at that point I realized it was messed up because the page I was on was actually related to a driver’s guide or something. The website didn’t have the typical “confirm purchase” page that clearly states what you are about to pay for what product or service. It just takes your money before you realize it. I emailed the company to get my money back, and the email on their website isn’t real! It bounced back. The charge is only $3.99 but I also checked the box to donate $5 to MADD. I disputed the charges through my bank and I canceled the Visa Debit card. But I do not want others to fall into the same trap. In fact, when I went to the bank, the teller had fallen for the exact same scam! We wonder if the company is doing this in multiple states. Can y’all investigate this company, please? It’s terrible! Thank you, Cate Colburn-Smith, aka Catherine Smith

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