Chicago Tribune Reviews - Chicago Tribune Scam or Legit

Gloria –

Victim Location 60056

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Received a letter from Chicago Tribune saying that I had a subscription with them and owed money even though I have never subscribed to their paper. The bill didn’t even have my name spelled correctly and it was to an apartment I lived in a year ago. I called customer service and told them that someone committed fraud attempting to use my information and the lady kept asking if I let someone take my information that was knocking on my door. You couldn’t get in my building unless someone buzzed them in and there definitely wasn’t anyone knocking on my door that I didn’t know. Apparently Chicago Tribune let’s kids go around taking down any name and address and putting it on a subscription list just so the kids can get donations to whatever they’re trying to raise money for. The customer service rep kept asking for my new address to update my subscription instead of cancelling it because it’s fraud!!!! I had to literally yell at her in order for her to have some decency and cancel the account and ensure me that I will not be getting future bills and I will not see this bill go into collections. This supposed amazing company should be ashamed that they have kids running around trying to get them fake subscriptions.

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