Burnside Financial Services Reviews - Burnside Financial Services Scam or Legit

Beth –

Victim Location 92591

Type of a scam Other

Received a call from a restricted number. I answered it. The lady asked if this was (my first name) and I asked her who she was. Ive been told don’t answer "yes" in case it’s a scam. She said her name was Terry Washington with Burnside financial services and that it was regarding a "legal matter." I hung up and thought if it was important enough they’ll get ahold of me some other way. About an hour later my sister calls me saying this same Terry has left a message with her, with a return phone number, an extension number, and even a case number. I got nervous since they were able to reach my family, but after looking up the business (which apparently is on a really funky Street in Connecticut… look it up on Google Street view) and ScamPulse.com says it’s sketchy, I believe it’s a scam. Be careful even if they are able to reach family members. VERY likely a scam. They are too secretive. Real financial places, I am sure, would send you things by mail.

Arthur –

Victim Location 33539

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from this organization claiming that I owe $1,235.26 for a checking account with a bank I have never heard of. Since I thought this may be a scam. I asked for information on how I could contact them, like there address and I was told I would get an email showing the debt I owe, but never received it. I was told that if I don’t pay they were going to place a judgement against me. I know this was a scam, but I would like to know how they got my personal information. They had my social security number, name and phone number. They also had my old P O Box address and was able to run a credit or consumer report on me to get my current info. That really concerns me.

Kara –

Victim Location 68112

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call at work first from a separate person telling my that I have to call them regarding a legal matter. When I called them back they said I owed a debt from 2007 for 1,300 and if i didn’t pay I would be either sued or there could be criminal charges. She emailed me a copy of the request. I told her I would call back when I got off work. I did some research first and if they are a legit collection company they will give you a business license number as well as mail you a validation notice. When I called back they couldn’t provide either and started yelling at me that they will just go ahead and sue me. The address they are using is also bogus. The scary thing is, they have my work phone number, home number, email address and social security number. The only way they could have gotten old debt of mine is they were a part of the Equifax hack. Beware of these people and DO NOT give them money. I have notified Equifax and put a lock on my credit report. I will also be filing a police report.

Travis –

Victim Location 60625

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call on private saying my mother owed a debt from a credit company. She already paid the debt. I then asked for the company name and mailing address. I was provided the company name but not the address. They said due to the nature of their business they’re not allowed to. I then brought up the Fair debt collections practices act. She paused and asked to put me on hold, I asked why? She said that she had another incoming call. Never got back on the line with me. I called multiple times asking different people and the same people for mailing address. They were all defensive and rude. They began hanging up on me and randomly placing me on hold. Eventually they began picking up the phone and hanging up when I called. When I was finally provided with an address, I looked it up. It was fake belonging to a completely different company. These guys are SCAMMERS.

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