BookVenture Reviews - BookVenture Scam or Legit

Christie –

Victim Location 67010

Total money lost $30,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

BookVenture pretends to be a publishing company in the US. Though they have a business address out of Michigan and they all speak English with a foreign accent, I believe they operate out of the country all by computer contact. They do initial business of publishing and produce a product of which you will receive about 10 to 20 copies of your book depending on what you order. There will be a copyright page but often they include themselves as the sole owner of the right to republish unless you catch it. Check with the US copyright office. Chances are your book was not officially copyrighted but you can do this yourself for $55 not the $1500 they want to publish. They talk you into marketing and publicity schemes that turn out to be there, but in very flimsy, inconspicous markets. When local family and friends buy the book and you yourself buy the book, you will be denied any royalties. When they believe they have extracted as much money as they can or they believe you have caught on to their game, all further contact will be discontinued. They only call you, and that’s for money. You cannot reach them unless they are waiting specifically for a call back to their toll free number. E-mail contact that was consistant while you still owe money will become non-existent when paid in full. They will delist your books off of their bookstore site, but continue to draw royalties from places like Barnes and Noble and Amazon and God only knows where else for themselves. As of this time, I have received zero royalties for my three book which I know friends and family have bought and they have denied me access to my royalty page. They will give some lame excuse in the beginning as to why you cannot get on it but the fact is, you will never be allowed to see your royalty account and you will recieve not one red cent. In place of an image I am sending this URL for a digisign document I signed early on:

<span title=";jsessionid=FC8D805021EACF04DE64C576052D20AB;jsessionid=FC8D805021EACF… />
All documents will be digitally signed and they become unavailable for copying once you have signed them so print them off. One such document for a simple transaction was 27 pages long so I didn’t copy the whole thing. I should have insisted on a printed copy to be sent by mail so I could take my time and read it all.

Gabriel –

Victim Location 85345

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Other

I wanted my book to be published and reached out to many self-publishing companies, bookventure is the one which responded. Sarah McGuire made it sound like it was so easy. They were only going to charge me $560 to publish, and this was with the advertising, outlay of the book, and book cover. The only issue was they needed a down payment. I paid her $200 to start. I sent her my book. I have had people send me the layout of the book but I don’t think they are professional at all because the outline was wrong, some words were in the middle of a blank page, indents for new paragraphs were sometimes there and sometimes not. Some chapters started in the middle of a page and some started at the top of a page, the list can go on and on. As this back and forth with these people are going on I’m getting calls from there marketing team stating they need more money in order to market the book, at one point asking me for $7000 to market the book. They have had my book for over 2 months and nothing is done yet.

I hung up with the guy telling him he was a scammer. I kept trying to call and email Sarah McGuire with no response. I did look up the address they gave me and it was a Wells Fargo Bank. You can also try and call the number multiple times through the day and no one will ever answer.

I have tried to call Sarah again and again to see if I could get my money back, with no response of course. So now I’m out of $400 that I have given already. I had to cancel my credit card so they couldn’t go behind my back and charge my account. My advise to everyone is to look into who you are trying to work with. Look at the address and check online for reviews.

This is an experience that has taught me a lot and I hope no one else has to go through it.

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