Bertha Gonzalez-Plazola Reviews - Bertha Gonzalez-Plazola Scam or Legit

Tyler –

Victim Location 78405

Type of a scam Government Grant

A lady named Bertha Gonzalez-Plazola befriended me on fb. I added her cuz it seemed we had mutual friends. She messeged me telling me she saw my name in a list where she had already received 100,000.00. She gave me a number 402-264-0824. I told her this bs and I’m contacting bbb. The man said he is Agent Benson Jones working for government grant. This is what was text to me. He said I had 3 days to claim money and they been looking for me for 3 months. He said I needed to fill out locating form and must make copy of my drivers license. I told him I was contacting bbb and this was a scam, he stop communicating with me then. I told the lady this was a scam and she blocked me. I immediately unfriended her and told everyone on fb to not entertain these people. They stopped when i called them out on their scam. The man texted after I called number. He never abswered me only texted. I just wanted him to know ge was a [censored]. I may not have went for it somebody might. Can you please look into this, I would really appreciate it. I have text messages. Oh he said when i get money did i promise to pay. I asked pay what he said nothing but its on text where he said did I promise to pay. He didn’t give me amount to pay.

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