WSA Credit Services

Edward – Aug 31, 2020

I signed up for Wsa in April & was promised that in 90 day’s something would fall of my credit score & nothing fell off. Now I’m emailing them & no response. I missed one payment & they called my family saying police will be arresting me for break my contract. How in the world would i be getting arrested if i signed up thru the phone? Don’t trust this company they will scam you out your money & your credit score will be the same as it was when you started. They should be ashame of themselves every last one of them. Oh yeah & if you get a refund from the money you paid just know the check is fake so it’s going to bounce. If you want good credit just start paying off you debt on you own. Don’t trust WSA im begging you not to cause you’ll be taking a lost for nothing.

Frank – Aug 31, 2020

Victim Location 60803

Type of a scam Other

these people calling me, my son, my daughter, they have my credit information, but will not tell me where they are from. Threatening to send authorities with a warrant, but won’t tell me why. I’m assuming a debt collector, but they would not tell me their name. they asked for my attorneys name and when I asked why, they hung up on me. I’m not sure what they are after, and now they don’t answer their phone. Threatening me at work, threatening my son and my daughter. It’s so ridiculous it should be illegal.

Alberto –

They scammed me as well my brother. That company is to sad everything you’re saying I’m goimg thru right mow as we speak, but I’m suing them.

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