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Tara –

Victim Location 98270

Type of a scam Employment

I was on a Facebook Job group and a lady named Susan Phillips posted about a work at home job. This was being staffed by a company called working solutions Inc. I contacted her and she gave me and email to contact a supervisor on Google hangouts. I got a hold of the supervisor who’s name is Stephen McCauley. I should have known better but I have been looking for a job for so long and working at home would be the best since I have really bad anxiety. So he got back to me and told me about the job and asked me a bunch a questions about my past work and said that a W4 would be emailed to me. He asked if I wanted to work part time or full time and if I wanted to be paid weekly or bi weekly. After getting approved to work for this company I was told I needed to buy equipment and that they would be giving me the money for it. So we set up a direct deposit and the next day the money was in my account. When talking to the supervisor again the next day he said I needed to buy a prepaid One Vanilla card so I could set up my time keeper so I can track my time worked and get paid. I REALLY should have woken up at this point but I guess I was to hopeful. So I went and tried to get the card……. Yeah my bank card would not work to pay for it and my bank account got locked. When I told the supervisor that I could not get into my account he told me I could call the bank and find out what happened. I called my bank and that is when they told me that it looked like I had given permission to scammers to acces my account so they locked my bank account so nothing can be done on it at all. They deposited $1,000 and $5,000 into my account and the bank told me that the checks would not be able to go through. I still have the supervisor trying to get a hold of me and I am not contacting him. I looked on the site and the company came up, I looked on facebook and they were there and on I don’t know if the company is real and these people are just using the company name but watch out.

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