David – Sep 10, 2020

So I ordered a 60$ printer and never recieved it but they did send me stupid masks. 5 pieces to be exact so I emailed them about the product and they were gladly offering to ship “ what I had ordered “ for the mixup and guess what? Not only did I not get my item but I got a cheap [censored] water bottle! Don’t buy fro Mathis business they are a scam!

Patricia – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 08361

Total money lost $52.39

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is an online company I purchased a required school calculator for my son back in early June 2020. It is a fake, scam business with fake tracking info. Their website is suddenly inaccessible. I never received the calculator. They’re very slick, using tracking numbers (mostly with Chinese wording so it’s very difficult to really understand what’s happening). They even linked a fake "Your package was delivered" status claiming it was done so via the USPS. The USPS has absolutely no knowledge or paper trail of ever having it delivered said package. Thankfully I paid via PayPal, filed a claim and received my refund but I want to report this scamming "company" so no one else gets hurt! Now I’m scrambling one week before school starts to find this calculator for my son!

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