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Robin – Aug 08, 2020

I had the same experience as the other 11 posts here for a $29 order. Have there been any legal repercussions for this company and the people involved in this complete SCAM?

Oscar –

Victim Location 91701

Total money lost $14.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This business had an ad out on Instagram saying that you get a free bathing suit if you just pay for shipping. I never received the product and they haven’t responded to any of my messages. It’s been over a year.

Wendy –

Total money lost $56

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Like many other people I have read about, I saw a bathing suit advertisement on instagram in my news feed with a link to take you directly to their website to place your order. I ordered three bathing suits and paid with my credit card. Everything looks very legit. I received a confirmation email of my purchase and that my shipment could take 2 weeks for delivery. This was October 23, 2018. When I haven’t received my shipment by Nov. 21 I replied to their email inquiring. When no response, I emailed again Dec. 21 asking for a response. Then with no response again I looked into this in January 2019 and read that many people have placed orders in which they never received and never hear back from the company. I went on their website and can’t find any other means of contacting them. No mailing address, no online chat, just an online contact form and again the same email address I have been sending emails to. I’ve continued to try contacting them via their website form and their email address and reported them and still nothing. And somehow their website is still operating and they still take orders and never send anything out – they just keep taking your money! Thousands of people have been scammed. How are they still doing this?

Kurt –

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Offered free bathing suit just pay the shipping. Paid but nothing ever was shipped. I have contacted the company via email and phone but no response.

Tabitha –

Total money lost $34.34

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Windrose outfitters advertised a few free bikinis for advertising ‘just pay shipping’.

I ordered two and got a confirmation immediately, however this was November 14th, 2018, over a month ago, I have yet to receive anything or communication back.

When I try to track my package it says shipped on their website but no shipping number was ever provided.

Molly –

Victim Location 90025

Total money lost $43

Type of a scam Online Purchase

No one should order from this "business" (business in the loosest sense of the word). I placed an order for three swimsuits via Windrose Outfitters Instagram promotion (buy any swimsuits under promotion and pay only shipping costs) in early October. I didn’t receive any update on shipment of my product until over a month later (after I initiated outreach out to the designated contact), and now – weeks later – the tracking numbers I was provided (as proof of shipment of my product purchase) don’t yield any results. The business website no longer exists and their customer support is nonexistent. Windrose Outfitters are the ultimate scam artists. Spare yourself the headache and move on to a more reputable business for your fashion needs.

Victor –

Victim Location 84044

Total money lost $43.73

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Windrose Outfitters advertised a sale in which all swimsuits were free, you just needed to pay for shipping. I submitted my order, and immediately received an email confirming my purchase and stating that I would receive more emails from them as my order was shipped, as well as my order number and a link to track my purchase. After weeks of not hearing back, and the status of my order never changing, I went to track my order one more time, only to find the website was unavailable. I have contacted the company multiple times over social media messaging as well as emails, and have yet to hear back. I am extremely disappointed. This company is a scam!

Neil –

Victim Location 80228

Total money lost $42.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I initially saw on advertisement on Instagram for Windrose Outfitters. I’ve ordered products before from businesses that use social media as a way to advertise and it didn’t occur to me that Windrose was a scam. After browsing the website, I ordered 3 items which were being advertised as “free, just pay shipping” I’ve also had positive experience with free item promotions with different businesses in the past so I wasn’t that concerned. I paid $42 in shipping which I thought was high but I was living in Australia at the time and figured that was the reason for higher cost shipping. After about a month after ordering I began to wonder so I checked the tracking page which said my order had been shipped. I gave it another couple weeks and when I still didn’t have my order, I reached out to someone via the contact form on the Windrose Outfitters website. I was told my order was on its way. After 3 weeks and no product, I reached out again and received the same response. I ended up reaching out a 3rd time because I was moving out of the country. 3 months after ordering the items, I asked to cancel my order and give me a refund for the products I never received. I was told that a refund would not be possible but that I could change my address. I changed my shipping address and am still seeing the same status on the tracking page and am finding it impossible to get in contact with a customer service representative via phone or live chat. I don’t believe I will ever receive my order as I believe this company is a scam.

Mallory –

Total money lost $18.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad on Instagram about a 24 hour flash sale on bathing suits where you only pay for shipping, in order to promote this "company". It’s been over two weeks and my order still hasn’t processed. Vanessa, the customer service representative, informed me that I will be getting my order in a month due to "high volume orders from last month," but I have a feeling that I’ll never receive it. Do yourself a favour-don’t fall for this scam!

Holly –

Victim Location 95126

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Windrose Outfitters appeared as an advertisement on Instagram with a promotional offering of 300 free swimsuits to promote brand awareness. Shoppers are asked to only pay shipping and handling.

Windrose Outfitters has acquired a relatively large following (11K on Instagram) which adds to their proposed legitimacy, and uses scarcity tactics such as "limited time only" and "flash sale". They are also largely appealing for their purportedly "FREE" clothing items.

Krystle –

Victim Location 35010

Total money lost $15

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is actively promoting and targeting users with a social media campaign. They claim you’ll receive free product but you only pay shipping. One month ago I placed an order. No product and no refund despite numerous requests.

Shannon –

Victim Location 37921

Total money lost $42.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Windrose Outfitters has had a "Flash Sale" that ends in "24 hours" for over a month. They have advertisements all over Instagram that say they are giving away items for 24 hours to "raise brand awareness," you have to "just pay shipping." Again, this has been going on for over a month, as far as I know, because I placed my order a month ago but haven’t received any information about shipping. I used the "chat" tool on their website to try and ask about my order, and all I got was a person who said "large number International orders cause shipping delays. You can track package for updates on when shipped."

I am embarrassed that I fell for this scam. There is no address or location of the business anywhere on the website, no phone number to call, just a gmail account to contact. I can’t find anything about this business ANYWHERE on the internet; no reviews, no reports, nothing. I wanted to file a complaint and/or add the business to the directory, but since there is no address listed, it’s impossible. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS "COMPANY".

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