Win Security Systems

Rebekah – Aug 27, 2020

Victim Location 98640

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam COVID-19

We received several phone calls in 2018, told us they were affiliated with microsoft. That our computer had been hacked using a fake ss# plus my husbands name. Told us for a fee, they could fix the problem. We should have known it was a scam. They said, it was a lifetime security acct. We thought ok, paid a ridiculous amount, around $4700. Thought was ok, being for a lifetime. All ok until June 2020. They called again, said, we owed $6000 for 3 more years, that would be deducted from our checking acct. We told them, no way, we want to cancel the service. The told us, becuse we had not use the full service for 3 years, we would have to pay another fee to csncel the service, so we did. We were told the service was cancelled. Then, my husband received a text, saying we can get a refund due to COVID-19. Call them to do so, so we did. Another scam, told us to pay a fee to get a refund. What the…. ****. We have had it, so we closed our bank acct, so no more trsnsactions with them. We are out a large amount of money, but, just want to be done with them. Will probably never see any refund. Learn by our mistakes. Hope no one else falls for their phone calls. Take care.

Aimee – Jul 11, 2020

Victim Location 99360

Type of a scam Tech Support

About 2 years ago I needed a computer repair

company to fix my computer, I went on line and found Win

Security Systems. They fixed my computer as a one time fix and

charged me $190.00 which I paid with my credit card. The

computer was fixed and I never heard from them again. About 2

days ago Win Security Systems called me and said I owe

them over 6,000.00 because since the date of my repair they

told me I was on contract where they have been monitoring my computer

for Malware and other Hawking issues since the repair. I never

authorized this coverage. They said they will be pulling the 6,000. out

of my account. I think you need to be on the computer for them to

access this transaction. They told me to get on my computer to cancel

the contract and they would remove all charges. This is a scam.

Jessica –

Victim Location 77571

Total money lost $199.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

In March of 2018 my computer was hit with a ransomware virus. The only way, I thought, to get rid of the virus was to call the number showing on the screen. Upon calling the number I was charged $199.99 to remove the virus they implanted. Now they are trying to extort exorbitant amounts of money, by threatening to hit my checking account as they wish for large sums. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for extortion.

Sophia –

Victim Location 70760

Type of a scam Tech Support

Working on my computer when it started flashing and came up with a phone number to call. Spoke with David Porter at ext 402. As I was talking to him I noticed he had control of my computer changing information. He had control of my computer. They even contacted my bank pretending to be me and were able to verify how much money I had in my account. They also had all of my credit cards information. I have had to open s new bank account and cancel all of my cards.

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