Wilson harvey

Joseph – Jul 26, 2020

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

He runs a website to sell husky puppies, we have been looking for so long, as my sons 6th birthday is fast approaching that is what he wanted. So we found this website and inquired about the puppies available, we chose one at 675us which converts to 1,000$ CAN, he wanted money gram but ive never done that before then he pushed for western union which we also said no to. So he agreed to pre-paid credit cards. So we purchased 2 pre-paid credit cards at 500.00 each and sent them to the seller. Mean while all this is going on we are having human conversations and actually getting to know each other as he had several dogs he just wanted to make sure that the one we chose was best suited for our family. Which so happened that because i have 2 young children the one we chose was not a good fit, so he listed off the one that were perfect for us and we chose one of those instead. The next day puppy is going on a plane and coming over to her new home. A few hours later we received e-mail and phone calls saying that we need to rent a crate for 1,500$ which transitions to 2,010$ CAD, we did not have this money. As we already spent what we had on the dog. They said that is u rent the crate when puppy is delivered u Get 98% of our money back so we said that we would have to wait till the next day as we needed to come up with the money. The next day we buy 2 pre paid visa cards at 500.00 and one at 320.00. We still didnt have enough money so the seller agreed to pay the difference. As long as when we get refunded we would send him the amount he paid. Which was great. Puppy get on a plane everything is good then we receive the documents for the dog owner ship transfer papers. C.W Brown is what is signed on the document so we looked it up and its a family doctor, but on the certificate it sais legal department of justice. So now we are starting to question and look at the flight ticket united pets logo is blue and they used red ink. While investigating and questioning everything we just did making a mistake and what not. We get another phone call saying that the puppy is grounded in colorado and through paper inspections, was missing pet permits in order to travel. For this the wanted 940.00 which would one again be reimbursed in full at time of receiving the puppy. So we called colorado air port and they had no information on the puppy and the flight number was wrong so they were unable to even try and locate the dog. So we called the colorado PD on information about the pet licence and she said no that is not a thing and hung up. So now we are on the phone with Manchester PD, we filed a report with them. And we know that this is a scam so we do not send any more money at this point which we had none anyways. As we just sent a total of 2,500$ total CAn. I am still continuously getting e-mails and txt messages from the seller asking me where his dog is. I asked seller for money back and he claims not untill he gets dog back. But with pre paid credit cards and having them in hand i can track everything he purchases, and he linked his pay pall account to them. Even the ones that are suppose to be for the crate. I called vanilla which is the company for the cards they basically told me too bad for u. We have done our research and used our resources through out this whole thing and nothing came up for us. So here we are today with no money for food or rent, and i have 2 children and no puppy. That is my story.

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