Alison – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 32931

Total money lost $75.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Online purchase of a petite wig for $108.00. Was send a large wig that was poorly designed, wrong and not style ordered. Contacted co. by email for weeks trying to return and get a refund. Never received address to return. Was offered 10% and my keep the wig. Tried many times to explain I couldn’t use it. Finally was able to get 30% and they wouldn’t take wig back.

Marvin – Jul 15, 2020

Victim Location 91601

Total money lost $106

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a wig from them, took 4 weeks to receive it. It wasn’t shipped until I threaten to cancel the order. When the product arrived, it was nothing close to what I ordered. Followed the information/instructions provided on the website and order receipt regarding return ab refund process. They refuse to provide information/address to return the product or issue refund.

Janet –

Victim Location 29492

Total money lost $177

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is based in China and has done an excellent job making you think they are legit. They have paid Google to have the top search listing which, I imagine, is why so many people are buying from them. You will NOT get what you ordered. It’s almost as though someone in China just grabs what is on the shelf closest to them and throws it in a bag. You will NOT get a refund. You will get an email from someone acting as though their name is Mildred or Susie or Cindy. They will act as though that if they were forced to refund you your money their company will have to shut down due to lack of revenue. It’s a total scam. Buyer beware is all I and these other reviewers can tell you. This site needs to be shut down.

Armando –

Victim Location 07731

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a wig from this website and their website was misleading. The name of the wig said 2-toned 10” bob. I was able to choose a different color because the picture was a purple wig, so I ordered it in blonde thinking it would be 2-toned blondes and browns like it said. When it arrived it was fully blonde (one color) so I wanted to just return it for store credit so I know not to buy a wig if I have to chose another color. I was still going to purchase wigs from them because I liked them. They have a whole return policy section on their website, so I read it through and it said within 7 days of receiving your package if you email them and explain why you want to make a return they will send me a return label then I would get my refund. It has now been a month and a half of emailing this website and they refuse to give me a phone number to contact someone. After I told them I refuse to give up until I got my $80 back, especially this time of year before the holidays, they still didn’t budge. When I finally said I was going to address the BBB they gave me the address to their warehouse and said once they receive the wig they will give me my refund. The address was for China. So I mailed my wig where they told me and every day since I have been emailing them to see if they got it back. It’s now been 3 weeks and I know it has to have arrived at the address. I ship packages across the world all the time I know it doesn’t ever take a month. Now emailing them again i keep saying that I don’t want anything except a phone number and all they say is “Don’t make this difficult we want to have cooperation and help you” but they seriously refuse to help me. I’ve tried writing a review on their website and they take it off. I have talked to multiple people who have got scammed out of money for their wigs when their website was misleading in the first place. I have alopecia and wigs are important to me and many others and this website doesn’t deserve to get away with this. I just want my money back.

Danielle –

Total money lost $210

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a wig on December 2017 . It came within 3 weeks. Too soon to be useful for a Halloween costume and not suitable for a New Years party. It was hideous

Not at all portrayed on their model. I paid postage of $57 to return it for my money. They sent me a stock one in exchange. It was even of worse quality. I have been asking for my money to be reimbursed now since January. The best offer I got was $58.00 American

I paid $ 158 American $210 Canadian

They keep offering to send another stock wig the reviews on their site were all favourable

I wished I had of

read the reviews on other sites and here

There are 326 negative reviews against this company . How come they are allowed to keep posting their advertisements

Ronnie –

Victim Location 50313

Total money lost $318

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased two wigs from Wigsis on January 22, 2018, using my credit card totaling $318.00. I read over their refund policy thoroughly and it stated that if you weren’t satisfied to let them know within 7 days of receipt of the wigs. It took almost a month to receive my two wigs after many emails asking about them. When I finally received them they were totally the wrong style and color. The wigs were ugly! I have worn wigs for years and have dealt with several companies over the years and they have all honored their return policy. Not this company. I have been in constant communication with them by email to return them and get my money back. Then I did some research on this company and found hundreds of people had been scammed by this company and never got their money back and there was a Scam Alert out warning not to buy from them. Wish I had checked it before ordering from them. We reported the problem right away with our credit card company and they have temporarily taken the charge off our account. My concern is that we still may be charged for these horrible wigs and this company gets by with scamming yet another person. We have also contacted the Foreign Trade Commission regarding this matter. We didn’t know if you can help with getting this scammer put out of business and people getting their money back?

Renee –

Victim Location 50313

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was wanting to order a new wig because my old one was wearing out and was scanning wig websites and Wigsis came up on top. I scanned the cite and it looked well done and had lots of selections. The hair color I like is limited in styles and this web cite had the color code #44 which is used by the other companies I have ordered from. I ordered two wigs and read their return policy and it allowed one return at no cost other than postage. The confirmation said I would receive my wigs in seven days. It said to contact them if I hadn’t gotten it yet which I did. I was then told that I had ordered a customized wig and that it takes time to make. Why was I told I would receive them in 7 days if it takes a month to make a customized wig? Lie #1. After numerous emails I finally received my package after six weeks only to find two black wigs. The black wig’s color code is #34. Color #44 is a code for gradient grey, far cry from black. Lie #2 I emailed immediately that I received the wrong color and was told to send pictures for them to look over. Never heard anything back so emailed again and was told to “kindly understand that you ordered a customized wig and we made the color, size and style as requested. We have compared the color of your receiving wig with the color chart in our site, it is in a normal scale.” Lie #3. They insisted I order another wig and try once more. No mention of returning the two I was wanting to return and get a refund of $311.00. I then emailed back I just wanted a refund and please give me the address to return. I have heard nothing back. We have contacted our credit card company and they are going to check into this company. I decided to check and see what others have said about this company and found hundreds of complaints and the same scenario. Others have also filed suits against this company. I don’t want to see anyone else go through losing money as a result of this scammer. They apparently take pictures off of respected companies websites and put them on their website as their own and then use the narrative that it is a customized wig after you order and you get charged highly when you try to return if you can even get their approval and an address of where to send it. Lie #4, 5, 6 etc. We have contacted our credit card company and they are checking into this place. We would like to see this place put out of business.

Ryan –

Victim Location 85020

Total money lost $108

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Unethical company. Inferior material used in their wigs and very poor quality. I came across this information on google regarding this website and their products from numerous consumers stating "DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY". There are numerous reasons but most about not getting their money returned and inferior merchandise. BEWARE!!! I am trying to get my refund and they are refusing to give me my full refund because I investigated them through the BBB. I am filing a complaint today 1/9/18 so they have a record and can assist with getting my money back.

Roberto –

Victim Location 12189

Total money lost $136

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order a wig however it’s been a month without recipe ingredients the wig and they keep making excuses about the dilvery service by DHL they gave me a tracking number that does not exist.

Veronica –

Victim Location 32725

Total money lost $162

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought I was purchasing a legitimate item. They were aupposed to send me a confirmation emai which I have never received. They say their address is in Alaska…found out they are in China. I am not happy…I recently found out I have cancee and was purchasing a wig for after chemo…they are attaching their website to American Cancer Society’s

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