West Air Pets Couriers

Terry – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 77511

Total money lost $1,350

Type of a scam Other

After purchasing a English bulldog puppy (also scam) the owner took the puppy to this location to be transported to me the next day at my location. I received an email from this company that my puppy would be flown to me and gave me a tracking number and with that time of departure and arrival at my front door. Then I received another email stating to be flown I would either need to buy or rent a electronic temperature ventilated crate and pay for an anti pressure vaccine for 1350.00 and the money would be fully refunded when the crate is returned to the delivery person. So I paid. Received another confirmation the pet was in transit on Air fright, carrier USPS. Next day at 5:30am received another email that the puppy was on hold at Will Rogers Airport because I need to pay them 3350.00 for pet insurance so the puppy could proceed. I put a stop to it and knew this was a fraud. I have all the text, email etc from this place. I told them it was inhumane to keep an animal in a kennel for that long period of time. This went on from Aug 16th at 9:30am till Aug 17th 5:27am. The location says Richmond Virginia. He wanted fees paid through Cash App

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