Heather – Sep 18, 2020

I am sorry and upset to say that I am a victim of the same scam…these people should be ashamed of themselves.
I was purchasing for a family we adopt at christmas to make a Little girl happy when she would get up christmas morning thinking Santa brought her a beautiful doll.So sad to think there are people out there that do this sort of thing.SHAMEFUL !

Kate – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 08066

Total money lost $53

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is taking pictures of Reborn Baby Dolls that other Artists make, and are portraying them as their own. They go on to post the pictures as well as the same details these artists post on their websites, about the doll. Then pretend to sell them. The day of my purchase was for my 11 year old Autistic daughter. Their was a certain baby she wanted. So against my better judgement and having a feeling this could be a scam. I purchased the doll. Afterward I sent an email to the company asking them if their Dolls were real and asking them to provide a tracking number. I received an email back stating their dolls are real and they are on sale right now that’s why the prices are so reasonable. He said they are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. He provided me with a tracking number.

The next few weeks we continued to track the doll, the day of delivery my daughter sat in my living room all morning waiting for my mail lady to deliver packages which she normally does before normal mail delivery. When we didn’t receive a box that a 3lb baby doll, with clothes, a baby, bottle, pacifier and birth certificate should have came in. I told my daughter she might come back. Well she came back to deliver mail and she hands me a small package that held a 3oz rubber doll the size of my hand.

My daughter lost it, she cried so hard. This isn’t the 1st time a company did this to us. I email the company explaining to them they sent me the wrong doll and I either want my money back or I want the right doll. Well attached is the emails they sent me along with the doll I was suppose to get and the doll they sent me.

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