Terrance – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 28303

Type of a scam Other

They emailed me offering a work from home job. They would send packages to my home for me to take pictures of and repackage them to be shipped out to the people they belonged to.

Marvin – Sep 23, 2020

Its a scam

Dominic – Sep 03, 2020

One testimonial was confirmed to be a lie.

Renee – Sep 03, 2020

Everyone, please file a complaint of Wellfern to the FBI by using the link below. I linked this page of these reports here in the complaint that I had sent them. I hope this helps our situation somehow.


Alexis – Sep 03, 2020

I tried contacting all of these people who had positive testimonials on the wellfern website when it was up but noone has replied.

Kristine – Sep 03, 2020

Wow. I had no idea there were this many other people who were scammed too. I reported to the federal trade commission and labor board. Not sure if that did any good. Their website is down now and their phone numbers are disconnected.

Robert – Sep 03, 2020

The same exact thing happened to me… What can we do about this? I went to the post office investigation people and they kind of blew me off and didn’t seem to care. They didn’t ask me for any info or anything to investigate this crime. They just told me to watch my credit, which I put a freeze on months ago. If anyone has any ideas on what to do, let me know.

Lacey – Sep 01, 2020

Scam, the same exact thing happened to me i never got paid. And it was all the same peaple, rhoda, karen , and Donna. I had a feel6it was a scam because every package that I received always had sum random name on it and never mine, but when I would receive the new shipping labels to ship off the packages my name would be on them,, I should have known I’m not to much worried about the check that I never recieved I’m more worried about my info that they now have SS, date of birth ect.

Crystal – Aug 31, 2020

Hi my name is Rose Tilus I’m from Florida I work for wellfern for a month they didn’t pay me please don’t trust them they most likely fraude they got all my information but still don’t pay me I’m thinking of getting a lawyer cause it’s been 2 months from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday no money ,they have 2900 to give me that’s crazy I’m sad I’m scared I’m worry I didn’t know I don’t want to go to jail im hurt

Holly – Aug 26, 2020

Did everyone here keep records of packing and ship labels, photographs of content? Relevant transaction details? All of my returns were FedEx ground, though I received product from multiple carriers. Did anyone keep the transcripts from Karen Abston. For whatever value it may provide, I kept every detail of this relationship. If anything comes of an investigation, it could be useful


Erica – Sep 09, 2020

I have everything from finish to start I plan to file and FBI report tomorrow I still have packages that came from whoever they really are.

Emily – Aug 31, 2020

Yes I have everything however I’m worry about my social

Manuel – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 75501

Type of a scam Employment

I Got An Email Stating That The Job Offer Was Open and They Recommended That I Apply. They Offered To Pay $2750 At The End Of my 30 Day Training. At The End Of My Pay Period I Never Received My Check And I Didn’t Hear From Anyone Again

Brandi – Aug 25, 2020

This is the info that I have on Wellfern:
(424) 208-0247-Karen “curator”
(424) 208-0263-second interview guy (he had a very thick accent)
(424) 208-0263-Rhoda Spence-she reached out to me via email first and conducted the first interview via phone (she was very persistent-she sent out a few emails trying to recruit me before I consented to her to send me more info about the position.)
(424) 208-0274-HR Fax

This is the info I looked up before as well: (It stated that the business has 0 reviews and 0 complaints with the BBB.)
Great American Business Services
Location of This Business
236 S Fleishel Ave, Tyler, TX 75702-7517

BBB File Opened: 2/15/2018
Alternate Business Name
Contact Information
Ms. Angelia Gwenn Jones, Owner
Business Categories
Warehouse Services

Candace – Sep 11, 2020

If I remember correctly, Ms. Angelia Gwenn Jones name was on one of the docs that I received. Or I could have found it when I started researching after I realized it was scam.

Randi – Aug 31, 2020

Who is Angela Gwen ?

Brianna – Aug 25, 2020

I too had the EXACT same experience as everyone who has posted-exact details. I even did my do-diligence in looking up the company and saw reviews and articles from reputatble sources about Wellfern making it look like a very real and reputable company. The phone number that I was given by Rhonda also matched the numbers to Wellfern.

I too was interviewed by Rhonda Spence, and another man, whose name escapes me right now. The payroll gal was Donna Clayton and Karen Abston as my “curator” as well. It is very concerning because they make it look so legit. They go through the hiring process like other legitimate businesses. They are very convincing about reimbursement for supplies and the entire process! And they very sincere in explaining the process. Donna and Rhonda were very good at answering questions and very prompt in replying to emails. But now that it has been over 14 days and I have NOT received my check after the “probationary period” all correspondence has stopped. Donna is not returning any emails.

Most of the goods were new and packaged from the manufacturer and in one case sent from the actual manufacturer. There were some packages that appeared to come from EBAY sellers as well. So it all did look legit!

I actually really did a great job for them and they got a lot of work out of me for FREE, because I serviced over 35 packages.UGH!

I guess we all have to look at this as a learning experience and will certainly be more cautious in the future.

I will say too that I am VERY concerned about the fact that they have my personal info that was sent in on the W-9 form. That makes me sick to think about!

Shana – Aug 25, 2020

Rhoda Spence
Great American Business Services
Wellfern HR Department
Phone: (424) 208-0263

Donna Clayton / Payroll Dept.
[email protected]

Great American Business Services
10940 Wilshire Blvd. #705
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Candace – Aug 25, 2020

I too share the same angst as you. These people are scammers no doubt, but the fact that they have ID and SSN (W-9) is more worry-some. Contact your creditors and credit reporting agencies to let them know of potential fraud on your name. Forget about Wellfern. These [censored] just use that name as a cover. The danger will come from elsewhere

Rachel – Aug 24, 2020

Victim Location 33068

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Employment

I receive a mail and applied for a job they interview me and send me a job offer letter and they take my information let me sign documents I checked online I see their website I trusted them then I worked for a month they didn’t pay me it was from 9 to 5 I started asking questions and panicking they was understanding and supporting now I think it’s been a lie I’m shocked this is a nightmare I’m worry and scared my information got out and I worked really hard quit my job for that job please help me and I sure ship the things I didn’t know I’m hoping it’s not a scam please let me know going to the police tomorrow they owned me 3000 dollars please help I want to make sure I’m safe cause I’m renting definitely don’t want them to use my identity I have proof of everything.

Jonathan – Aug 14, 2020

Victim Location 52159

Total money lost $2,750

Type of a scam Employment

I was searching for employment so I decided to put my resume online through a site like jobs.com. This company emailed me about hiring me for employment. I was interviewed over the phone and then emailed when I was hired. They had me do a tax form and emailed me the conditions of my employment. Then once all my paperwork went through I was emailed again and given a persons name to be my curator while I was in training. I had to have an employee user name and password to get into the company website to get my orders and they also had all my instructions for my job on the site. I also talked to my curator on the phone to go over job details before starting. I was sent packages and was suppose to take pictures of the box and labels and then open it and take pictures of the product and report it to my curator if there were any damages, if not then I upload my pictures to my work website and then they upload a new shipping label and packing list for the product. I print those out and put the new packing list inside the box and put the new shipping label on the box and then take it to be sent out by whatever mailing company it said on the label, which was always fedex. Then I had to take a picture of the text message I was sent confirming that it was dropped off at a fedex place and upload that to the website. Then I was done with the order.

I had 17 orders. The first month was suppose to be a probationary month and then they were to do an evaluation over how well I did my job and then decide whether they were going to hire me full time. They were suppose to send me my check after the one month, which was July 20th 2020 and I have not recieved a paycheck yet. They also have told me whether I was hired full time or not.

Vincent – Aug 13, 2020

I have had the exact same experience as Monica Brown but I began on 7/1. I am currently on my “7th” day waiting for a check to arrive. I have screenshots of the same information. I have a Karen Abston as my “curator. A Donna Clayton as payroll and Rhonda Spence as the HR rep.

Amanda – Aug 12, 2020

I started working for Wellfern on 07/02/2020 on my probationary period I received emails calls and everything even til this day when my probationary period ended on 08/02/2020 I was suppose to receive my first paycheck on 08/03/2020 which I didn’t so I emailed payro[email protected] and as about it which she sent me a email stating it was sent out on 08/03/2020 and it will take 7 business days to receive it and 10 days for Hr to review my performance which my so called curator Karen Abston was supposed to give them but on 08/10/2020 which would have made my 7th business day the day my check was suppose to come I receive a letter from the United States Postal Inspection Service saying that the whole job was a scam but in the letter it has my address wrong so I dont know who or what to believe I went on the website the letter provided https://www.uspis.gov/ and called a number and a man who was suppose to be a inspector gave me another number 18778762455 told me to press #5 and they would help but I’ve left voice messages and no response so I emailed the lady from [email protected] again asking what’s going on and told her about the letter she told me it was a legit job and dont know why I received the the letter she told me to wait a few more days but I have no clue on what’s going on but I quit my job because I thought that this was a legit job I was expecting to be able to pay my bills with the check I was suppose to receive on 08/10/2020 and get my kids some food but now I have nothing and my bills are due and I still have no answers. I did 19 orders in all and I still have two items that they didn’t send me shipping labels for Im keeping everything for evidence.

Ana – Aug 31, 2020

Same thing happened to me

Katelyn – Aug 12, 2020

Where to start? I started “working” for Wellfern a month ago, with the first month being a probationary period. I received a total of 29 packages that I then sent out to other addresses. I spent money on supplies, and was expecting to be reimbursed. I thought I’d found the ideal job for me, until two days before my probation ended, I got a letter from the post office telling me this was a scam. Then I saw this other complaint about not getting paid. Needless to say, I haven’t heard anything from my contact at the company. So not only is it an employment scam, it’s highly illegal. All of the items were bought with stolen credit cards.

Brooke – Aug 12, 2020

i started with receiving packages and then the next thing i know i received an expensive cell and the gentlemen reached out to my fiance regarding the phone. He was thinking we did it and then i spoke with him and told him no

Jose –

Victim Location 37013

Total money lost $2,850

Type of a scam Employment

I was promised $2,850 on a contract to hire basis. I had two short interviews and then sent various emails explaining the process. They asked me for a W9 and gave me a CRM login to track packages. I was to work from home and check in to the database very 30min to 1 hour. I was hired at the beginning of June but my hours didn’t count until I had processed my first order which was later in June. 1 month from the date I was supposed to be paid, they said the postal service would take 10-14 days. It has been more than 14 days and no payment has been received. When asking for check verification their response is a tacit no. They say they will re-mail it and it will take up to another 14 days.

I know work from home positions are alluring right now, but I truly advise you to stay away from this company at all cost.

Joy –

Same thing happened to me. I had a detective show up at my door and he pretty much revealed everything to me. Never got paid. It really hurt me financially. I hope they all get caught and get the crap kicked out of them everyday in jail. Horrible horrible people.

Theodore –

Victim Location 30734

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Employment

A promise of a work at home job with great pay. If that sounds to good to be true it is. They make it sound very legit by contacting you with an interview over the phone. Even going as far as making a w-9 for you to sign. The job itself has you logging into a database and tracking packages that get delivered to your address.

Andrea –

Not only an employment scam. They’re using stolen credit cards to buy products.

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