We Are The World

Grace – Aug 31, 2020

Tried the same thing with me. Once I asked the same questions as above, they repeated the same dialogue.

Gina – Aug 24, 2020

Victim Location 50522

Type of a scam Charity

This is an organization on Facebook. It’s called ‘We Are The World’. its main target is people who are willing to donate to help the environment. I requested to become an ambassador, so they reached out to me. I asked them questions such as how do they help, individually, rather than as a business- they replied by sending me a 30% ‘discount’ and a link to their website. I asked them what they are doing to help the organizations- they replied with the same thing except they added about sharing it on social media and tagging them so they become known to the general public. I asked them for proof of donations to organizations- they replied, once again, with me buying something from them. I asked them to show proof of business, donations, and legitimate actions for the charities- they replied with the same thing. I asked them to show proof or I will report them to the better business bureau- this time they had no response. They do not provide an address of the business, an email, a phone number, postal code, etc. This is when I knew it was a scam.

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