Waterside Boxers

Calvin – Aug 09, 2020

I really wish I would have found this report before I purchased Lola on August 5’th. I thought I was getting a puppy until reading this. I have 20 emails back and forth from the “seller” to me. I paid through cashapp. I thought I would be protected, but unfortunately I’m not.

Krista – Aug 06, 2020

Scammer’s website www.watersideboxers.com

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

We are so happy we found your site and those that reported this so call breeder… price was too good to be true. I asked them about these reports and I received an email stating they get back to me when they have time. It’s so sad, we just lost our boxer we loved for over 10 years to cancer and simple wanted to provide a home to a new one. Thank you to everyone who reported this site. By the way I was asked to pay my deposit with a Vanilla Gift Card from Wal Mart? I will just wait and find a reputable local breeder in my state.

George – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 36421

Total money lost $630

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not use "waterside boxer" there Facebook page is fake the whole website is fake. We had one of our friends ask for the same dog and got a different address of there location… it sound really legit but dont do it…

Neil – Aug 05, 2020

How can we report these people to the authorities? I was about one step away from paying the $630 fees and adopting one of these puppies and came across this report. Also, I have an entire string of emails that is very suspect – she doesn’t have time to video chat with me so i can see the puppies. She wants $210 each for two puppies (ironically adds to $420) for a friend of mine that lives in the area to be able to come see them and she wants my friend’s contact info to include her address. When I told her I will not provide her address, but can provide contact info and to please give me her address and a good date/time, she told me she would let me know when a time is convenient for her. She told me she only has two female puppies (Lola and Rory) left. I had a friend email asking about another female puppy because I was afraid I was being scammed and she was told the other female puppy is available. I am so sorry others have been scammed and so thankful that I was not.

Micheal – Aug 06, 2020

Those puppies are still on site. Thank you for posting this … when I was asked to pay by a gift card my husband found this site

Melanie – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 18103

Total money lost $630

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I looked up "Boxer Puppies for Sale" last weekend and up popped www.watersideboxers.com. After looking at the puppies my husband and I decided to send a message over about one we thought was adorable to see if she was available and if so her price. Their website sounded so unbelievably professional. They sounded like a family who really truly was breeding Boxer dogs at their home and weren’t out to make a killing on litters of puppies but instead sell puppies to other families. They responded to my online inquiry through their website the following day asking some questions on if I’d ever had this breed of dog, about our home life and experience with pets, did we have kids etc. All the questions that sound logical and normal for a dog breeder to ask when looking at a perspective new owner of one of their puppies. I answered them and they proceeded with requesting $630 total, $420 for the puppy, and $210 for transport from North Carolina to Pennsylvania where I reside. Their website says they offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if there are any issues with the puppy. Their agreement also states this. I was feeling like this was a good decision. They emailed me after I sent the first payment of $500 telling me the puppy was on hold pending the rest of the payment and was Friday the 31st a good day to have her shipped to us, which I agreed was a good day. The following day I sent the remaining $130. That was when things started to become strange. They did not respond to me for hours upon hours after the money was sent to verify they got it or with what the future steps would be to get our puppy to us. They responded via email to me at 12:26AM that they processed the payment and an email about how they would be taking the dog to the vet the following morning and on Friday Morning I would receive her papers, vet information, and shipment tracking. All day on the 30th I felt uneasy. Any of my messages went unanswered. I called the numbers given to me multiple times with no answer or call back. This morning I woke up to no email with information. I called the phone numbers again and both went straight to voicemail, and the voicemail is automated it isn’t a person speaking. I immediately knew in the pit of my stomach I was duped, scammed, and tricked. I filed a dispute with my bank and hoping I can get my money back since it was sent through my online banking through the ZELLE app I felt like I was protected since I did this through my actual banks website. Please don’t allow these scammers to continue doing this. Pandemic or not stealing people’s money pretending to be a legitimate puppy breeder only to disappear once the money is received is awful.

Micah – Aug 05, 2020

I am so sorry this happened to you. I almost fell into this same trap, but found your report so did some investigating and found out they are a total scam. It’s so sad.

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