Mayra – Aug 19, 2020

Victim Location 91016

Total money lost $58.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

It was before the lock down in May 2020 that I decided to search online for an affordable vacuum carpet cleaner to sanitize the area rugs, couches, and other small furniture. The google search led me to an online store that seemingly looks legitimate. They had beautiful pictures with well written descriptions of the products. When I went to make the purchase, I had an option to pay with my pay-pal or credit card. Paypal has a reputation for keeping their customers protected from fraudulent purchases and being that I’ve not heard of this website before I decided to use Paypal. The product didn’t arrive until 6 weeks later and to my surprise a small, flat, envelope was delivered at my doorstep…from China it said on the label. I checked the tracking number provided by the website and it shows that it was delivered at my doorstep. I contacted the company via email and told them they sent me a small envelope and inside that envelope were three white dust face masks. I asked them to verify what I ordered but they became no responsive after that. I contacted Paypal as my final attempt to have the issue resolve. I filed a report with Paypal to investigate my claim and refund my money. Two months later Paypal wrote back and said that my claim was denied because the seller provided "valid tracking info" and the case is now closed. I tried to escalate the problem was also denied. I am asking the ScamPulse.com to help me resolve this matter once and for all. I want Paypal to do their due diligence instead of brushing it off.

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