Tracy – Oct 22, 2020

I recently got contacted by him, since he wanted to recruit new models like normal casting calls however I was wrong he was telling me things that didn’t make since and speaking to me as if I was child. He stated that “in order to invest what you really wanna do because modeling isn’t a career it’s a hobby I don’t think you strive and are serious about making the right investment for you, you don’t need to have a stabilize job to make investments in your life” I told him that didn’t make sense and I felt like he was Belittling me and he started cussing at me assaulting me because I felt it was strange how he kept mentioning investment and how much would I reconsider as I questioned him and he hung up in my face, so I immediately posted on my Instagram to let other female models know to watch out for him because I did my research earlier today and found a YouTube video that states it was posted 2months ago this year stating that he tried to ask her for money in order to cast her however he will send you videos of celebrities to make you think they know him but he not known at all plus the videos look filtered and cropped and sometimes ppl can video shop what’s being said , on his followers there is nobody that’s a celebrity following him with there verification check he just posting celebrities that’s saying how good he does but that’s for sure a scam he has changed his ig name a couple times and yet still has 1Million followers, also he has other Instagram accounts, he called me out my name as soon as I started warning models about him and kept sending videos of celebrities and quotes about people hating on him when in reality your doing something wrong and gonna get in trouble for it. So he has taken money from other models and use it for his own satisfaction. Luckily I was smart of enough to do my research before it got worse.

Here is his phone number




Omar – Aug 30, 2020

Victim Location 08641

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Phishing

pThe man is on social media targeting young girls for money. He targets them promising to enhance their model careers because he has a lot of followers on social media. He uses that to his advantage when in reality he’s extorting them promising to help their lives. He’s Instagram name is vxfashion and his phone number are ?+1 (215) 275-0198? & ?+1 (225) 366-7427?

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  1. Angela John Ramadan

    That’s exactly what happened to me he called me a piece of shit I was so confused . Like what I did wrong for this man to called me like that . ladies please don’t let this man make you feel like you nothing

  2. Same here he called me all kinds of names and delusional etc. Girls please do t fall for him he’s not going to get you anywhere but want money from you

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