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Logan – Oct 03, 2020

Great prices. My masks came in on time

(it clearly says they take up to 45 days during the epidemic, like most others)

Slow shipping but otherwise great prices and good customer service.

Paula – May 17, 2020

Victim Location 94105

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a COVID-19 scammer that claims to sell protective face masks. They offer a variety of different models and claim most items ship within 12 days. This company claims all masks ship from the U.S. This company advertises on social media and claim to be a legitimate business located in California.

30 days after my purchase, I still haven’t received the shipment. After 12 days and multiple e-mails to customer support they provided a tracking number, but the tracking number did not work. I e-mailed support again who couldn’t even verify who the shipping provider was or why the tracking number didn’t work. After 10 more days, the tracking number showed a package in China that hasn’t had any activity in the last 5 days. It is unclear if this is the correct package (despite claims that all items ship from the U.S.) or more likely the tracking number was fake to begin with.

After I little research, I found multiple Websites with different names that are likely the same company (https://vp-gear.com/ and https://vmask.shop/). While the Website and company names differ, the products are the same and the FAQs on both pages provide the same support e-mail [email protected]

I contacted my credit card company who helped reverse the charges, but everyone should be cautious of companies during COVID-19 that advertise for similar products on social media. If a company you’ve never heard of is offering a lot of different variations of a product, it’s unlikely they’re legitimate. Most companies work hard to balance the amount of SKUs they can offer to maintain production costs and be able to supply enough inventory for the demand.

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