Sandra – Sep 12, 2020

I was also scammed by Vonne, from an advert on Facebook. I ordered the 9-piece comforter set too, and was sent a pair of plastic sunglasses. I initially assumed that their shipping department had made a mistake, but when I contacted them they said that the sunglasses were “absolutely what we want you to buy”. They also wanted me to returned the goods with tracking so that I could get a refund – the cost of doing that is twice the price I paid. They know this – they even warned me that this would be the case and said that I should “try the goods” for a few days before deciding. On the shipping parcel, they had valued the sunglasses at $7 US, but I can buy the exact same glasses here in New Zealand for $2 NZD. They know exactly what they are doing, byt Paypal will not help. Their website is no longer operating – what more do you need as proof of a scam operation?

Douglas – Aug 15, 2020

Victim Location 04605

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw their ad on Facebook for a comforter. It was a good deal so I decided to order it. I waited for almost 2 months for the comforter and when i finally got the package they had sent me a pillow case. Not even the color of what I ordered. When I emailed them they said that is what I ordered even though I showed them the picture, the confirmation, and everything. They offered to have me send it back but I would have to pay for their mess up. The amount they wanted to charge me to send it back would have cost more than I had paid for it. They intentionally sent me the wrong product and had no intentions of fixing what they did. I hope no one else gets duped by them.

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