Website: voiana.com
Phone: +1 (231) 322-4505
Craig – Aug 27, 2020

I ordered a waffle maker from this site in August 10,2020.
They took 59.99 from my paypal account. I emailed and even called the number on the site and no response.
I would really like to have my $59.99 back. Is there anyway to get this back since it was scan or am I just out the money?!
Do Thang Tung is who got my money on PayPal.

Anna – Aug 18, 2020

Victim Location 32506

Total money lost $79.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company does not exist. It is a spoof/phishing site.

The phone number on the website is a residential number.

When funds were submitted to PayPal, a receipt was sent from a individual named Do Thanh Tung (Chinese)

Sarah – Aug 27, 2020

Were you able to get your money back?

Janet – Aug 18, 2020

Victim Location 71602

Total money lost $79.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this site because I was looking for a printer that was sold out from other companies ( Best Buy, Office Depot, etc.). It was the same printer at the same price. I purchase the printer online with my company business account. I received an email stating payment was received. Two weeks passes and no printer. I called the phone number on the website but an individual answered. She stated the site was a scam and the company put a residence number on the site. I’m concerned this site may have my company account card information. Don’t purchase from them

Clinton – Aug 17, 2020

There is/was a phone number on the website (ending in 4505). A very nice woman explained to me that she’s had this phone number for 30 years and does not want to change it however she’s received at least 300 calls from folks looking for Voiana. She swears its not her. 🙁

Don’t I feel foolish.

Nicolas – Aug 16, 2020

order kitchen appliance, never heard from them again. Fake website.

Tanya – Aug 16, 2020

I did not recieve the item and no response.

William – Aug 10, 2020

I ordered two wireless printers from voiana.com. I had not receive confirmation email of payment as supposed to. E-mailed the company at [email protected] and no response. I searched reviews about that website and found out that it’s a scam-website. Unfortunately, I’m not the only victim of that scam. Now, I’m in the process of filing a complaint of fraud.

Julian – Sep 04, 2020

I had to call my credit union who advised to write a complaint letter with emails copies and send it to “Cardholder Services” with given address. Founders Federal Credit Union refunded the money within 3-4 weeks from sending complaint letter.

Sara – Aug 10, 2020

Also reported to scamadviser.com:

Sean – Jun 16, 2020

I ordered a Bose Soundlink Portable Bluetooth speaker from www.voiana.com. The payment was made through PayPal. I received an e-mail from them following this order stating, “Thanks for your order. It’s on-hold until we confirm that payment has been received.” The following day the funds were taken from my account, but I received no more correspondence from them. On June 8th I e-mailed the company at the address listed on their website: [email protected] I received no response. On June 9th I called the phone number on their site: 231-322-4505. It was someone’s private residence. The woman on the phone told me they get several calls from people looking for their merchandise. The company doesn’t exist and it’s a scam. I am in the process of trying to file a complaint about this company with PayPal and have not been refunded to date. PayPal has the recipient’s e-mail address listed as [email protected]

Natalie – Jun 12, 2020

Purchased a Cuisenart food processor. It Never came. I opened a case with PayPal. I should have checked the reviews first.
If I ever find the scammer I’ll feed them to my American Bulldogs
They got me for $75.
I hope anyone who reads this passes on the info about this scam.
One reviewer was called by PayPal. I wish I was called. Money is tight now.

Natasha – May 28, 2020

I was price checking the Canon Pixma TR8520 Wireless All-in-One Printer and found it posted for $130 less than all of the other options on google shopping. I was about to buy it since it was such a steal, but after I was directed to paypal and saw the name Do Thanh Tung on the account, I became suspicious of the website. I noticed the contact information is for a lake house in Michigan. Doesn’t seem like a likely location for an online merchandise company… Needless to say, I did not purchase the printer.

Holly – May 12, 2020

I placed an order for a coffee pot from this website and, almost instantly, got an automated phone call from Paypal concerning possible fraudulent activiity on my account. I also tried to call the number on their website and was told by the man who answered that Voiana.com was using his phone number and his address on their website, but that he had not authorized it and was not selling coffee pots – he said I should assume I got scammed. I did receive an order confirmation from them and replied to that, just outright asking them if I was going to get my coffee pot or if I had been scammed. I also told them what happened when I tried to call their customer service number. I did receive an answer stating that my order was being processed, but the fishy phone number and address were not addressed. The email also offered me a refund if I wished, so I replied that I would like a refund immediately – since that email I have not received any response or acknowledgement. Paypal is investigating the issue for me and said they would not hesitate to cease doing business with Viona.com if they are found to be operating unscrupulously.

Maggie – May 09, 2020

I have experienced the same issue. Ordered a waffle maker and paid via PayPal. I was surprised to see the transaction was paid to – Van Tam Nguyen – [email protected] I never received any order confirmation nor shipping information. No contact from them at all. After not receiving the item I called the customer service phone number given on the website. A woman answered and said it was a residence and that Voiana is a scam.

Priscilla – Apr 26, 2020

Victim Location 32771

Total money lost $136

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I made a purchase roughly 3 weeks ago. I got an initial email from PayPal – nothing from the actual company. The website says 3-5 delivery time. I never received my order. Had to contact PayPal and my bank to investigate. I tried to google this website and NOTHING comes up. I called the number on the website. Went to a voicemail (not a business). Made another phone call a few days ago and this sweet gentleman answered saying he’s gotten hundreds of phone calls asking about where these peoples orders are and asking about refunds. Not a legitimate website. Please be aware!!

Kyle – Apr 22, 2020

Victim Location 98033

Total money lost $45.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This Website is fake Voiana.com. I’ve purchased a desk from this website, and I was suspicious because the receipt I received showed the payment went to a person and not an entity, the name of the person is Do Thanh Tung.

I sent an email to their customer service at [email protected] with no replies, then I started digging in their website and red flags started showing. Their description in "About US" seems just copied from some appliances company, however they are selling furniture and not appliances, and none of their social media links work.

Also, when I search their name on the ScamPulse.com website, sure enough I found someone else’s report who was also scammed the same way.

It looks like the website is just a front to some overseas scammer.

Bobby – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 28144

Total money lost $51.75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On April 9, 2020, I ordered an item named “Hofmann Task Chair – Off White” on the website www.voiana.com using PayPal. After a week of not receiving my order, I checked the site for contact information. I emailed them first using the email given on www.voiana.com/elements/pages/contact/ — but my email was strangely rejected and not sent. I checked the given address on Google Maps and it led to a residence home beside a lake—it did not look like a furniture business, which is what they claim to be. None of their social media links at the bottom of the site work either. Nonetheless, I wanted to wait a few more days in case their shipping times were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 17, 2020, I received an email from PayPal informing me that the seller had added a tracking number to my order. I check the tracking number immediately, and it already said that the package had been delivered that same day that the tracking information was sent to me. However, I have received no package at my home. The UPS provides a Proof of Delivery, and it says that it was delivered to someone else I don’t know and the Proof of Delivery does not include my home address which is what it typically shows.

Because more strange things happened, I decided to call the phone number given on their site. I asked about my order, and a woman on the phone told me that I had likely gotten scammed. She said that she had been receiving the same calls by people asking about their orders from this “Voiana” business. I believe this is someone or some people who set up a fake online business claiming to sell furniture to consumers. I have also noticed that the order confirmation email states that I placed my order on April 10, 2020, instead of April 9. This may indicate that the scammer(s) might be located outside of the U.S.

The seller information given to me by PayPal is: Do Thanh Tung, [email protected]

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