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Martin – Nov 24, 2020

Unfortunately,it’s a scam.
A few days ago,a teenage boy who seemed to be African American knocked a door and solicited me for some money while presenting a leaflet with VA goverment logo that is laminated so that they can use repeatedly.
I remembered, because it wasn’t first time.On first visit a teenage boy absolutely like him came and did the same.I didn’t notice that Virginia Youth Club is a non-existent group,and I gave some money 2years ago in good faith.
Since the first visit,similar boy has visited twice a year.Sometimes he smelled strong cigarette,sometimes chewing noisely gum.
I’m thinking that such a scam is led by adults.Behind the boy,someone else attempt to make him do.

Zachary – Sep 24, 2020

I’m in Fairfax, VA. Two days ago a 13 year old came knocking with a spiel about getting money for college expenses but also for a grant for $10,000. I asked him how much money he and his twin sister have collected so far and he said they’ve gotten about $100,000 in the past 3 years by canvassing neighborhoods in Maryland, DC and Virginia and that he lives in Maryland. I asked him if we could keep in touch and he agreed to give me his email address. He couldn’t spell ‘gmail’. I had to spell it for him. It is quite obvious to me that these kids are being exploited by their parents and/or this phony club. Someone needs to investigate.

Renee – Jul 13, 2020

This link ( is video footage of an individual representing The Virginia Youth Club ( taking a sealed and stamped envelope (which included my HOA check) from my mailbox in West Springfield, VA today at 12:31 PM. She was distributing a throughout the neighborhood, which is soliciting donations to this organization.

My husband noticed the check without the envelope when we were leaving the house around 2 PM… so we checked our security camera. It looks like she returned the check and the HOA stub with my account information, but kept the envelope and stamp. (unfortunately did not capture her returning the check on video b/c we turned off the camera b/c the wind kept causing unnecessary notifications before we realized this happened)

It’s pretty bizarre and I’m confused by what the motive could have been. I think she may have returned it after noticing our camera? Regardless, it was suspicious and strange behavior and happens to be a federal offense. I am concerned of what her motives could be, that this may have happened to others in my community or will happen to others in the future. I have filed a police report and will be reporting this to the United States Postal Inspection Service as suggested by the police officer.

I tried emailing them the video and flyer to the email address provided on their website ([email protected]) with the message above to ensure disciplinary action was taken, but the email bounced back which is odd to me. I then started searching for reviews on google, which seemed strange as well, one thing I found referenced sex trafficking and others were suspicious of scam (linked below.)

Eduardo – Jul 15, 2020

Another thing to note.. having teens go door to door during a pandemic… that alone sounds like child endangerment.

Dane – Jul 14, 2020

Additional info: The president of this org has been charged with child endangerment in the past through his other org, Smithtown Youth Club and his other organizations have been under suspicion of scam… CarolinaYouth Club & Maryland Youth Club… I’m concerned about this girl in the videos well being.. she is being exploited.. Was she trying to get caught to get help? She looks at the camera multiple times. Do NOT DONATE to this org!

Tammy – Jul 13, 2020

Typo: she was distributing a **flyer** throughout the neighborhood, which is soliciting donations to this organization.

Andres –

Victim Location 23323

Type of a scam Charity

Young kid came to my door in the *** *** section of Chesapeake today around 2:00 PM. Very nice well-mannered kids. Gave me the spiel about the organization and it sounded "suspect" only because I have done this type of work back in the day—long before I realized it was a scam. The kid had a badge and produced a "city" document from the local police precinct. I asked what he was selling and it was extremely overpriced candy. when I made a comment about it he acknowledged that it was high priced but that it was for cause. He then asked for a donation instead. I turned it down. It appeared that he was very sad and I felt awful. But he will be OK; any information about me and/or my home may not be through no fault of his.

Please stop these organizations from absuing kids!!

Joy –

Victim Location 23224

Type of a scam Employment

I believe this is a scam they are only hiring teens 13 and 14 and offering them free trips and paying them 75-150 a week.

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