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Brandi – Oct 01, 2020

I purchased a computer table and got three worthless pieces of cardboard. Now they’ve offered a partial refund when I filed a claim on PayPal.

Below you can see the picture of what I ordered versus what I got. It’s a classic switch and bait.

BEWARE OF THIS SCAM! DO NOT PURCHASE! BTW, it’s “funny” now they have now removed this product off their website.

Natalie – Sep 10, 2020

Victim Location 20170

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company commits complete fraud and scams. Its actual name is Shenzhen Haizhide E-commerce Co. & I believe the New York address is just a front for their cheap knockoffs. They told Paypal it is a transfer site. I ordered life-sized fireproof skulls to burn in a fire pit that were supposed to arrive in 5-15 days. Almost a full month later and several inquiries, I discovered it was taking the slow boat from China. When it finally did arrive, it was not what I had ordered at all. Instead of fireproof ceramic, it was palm sized, cheap plastic skulls you would be able to find at a dollar store. These things would melt the second they got anywhere near flames. Definitely not worth the $55 I had paid. After complaining and being told I could only get my shipping fee refunded, (because they would lose too much money), I was informed that the product I had ordered had been rejected at customs so they had just replaced it with something else about the same price. These skulls are worth maybe $5 max. I did not receive any notice of this or get asked permission for the substitution. That is fraud. And now they are insisting I ship the plastic substitute back to China to get a full refund, instead of the New York address where it came to me from. A Chinese address that they can’t even give me because it is written in Chinese and no one can translate it at their US site. A loophole with Paypal has me stuck at this point, but they are at least assisting to get it translated. I will now lose money shipping something to China that I don’t think came from there in the first place. This company removed the sale site and told me I shouldn’t have expected what they described. What?!?! Do not do business with this company! They will rip you off!

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