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Hilary – Dec 19, 2020

i ordered an incense fountain and was not satisfied with the product. i returned it at my expense and have not heard a word back from these people…to date they have not refunded my money or answered my email… trying to find a phone number for them…

Frederick – Dec 16, 2020

I ordered two Fidget Drones AND paid an extra $14.99 for priority shipping back on 12/05/2020 and have received nothing! I am out $67.13. What a shame! I hate con-artists.

Randy – Dec 30, 2020

Shame you didn’t receive your shipment…they charged my credit card AND my PayPal account. They refused to communicate with me even though I sent numerous emails and tried calling a couple times. It was only AFTER they shipped the worthless Fidget Drones did they decide to return my emails. They told me they couldn’t refund my money until I sent them the shipment that they fraudulently charged me for and sent to me…back at my expense. They refuse to provide any meaningful way to communicate with them. They refuse to have a supervisor call me. They refuse to refund my money and are giving PayPal a different story…even though they show an email from some employee telling me the understood I needed to have the improper order cancelled. This company is shady and worthless…just like the piece of junk Fidget Drone. If you want I’ll send you these items…so at least one of us isn’t out money…but you will wish you didn’t have them. They are cheap, don’t do as advertised, and the blades have hurt several of the kids fingers. NOT A GOOD GIFT!

Louis – Dec 27, 2020

I ordered mine on the 8th of December. Recieved ZERO SHIPPING info… Just got it today with usps on December 26. Dead serious. I thought it was a scam but it is not.

Darrell – Dec 10, 2020

hello. i began the process of ordering a drone fidget on facebook, and like others stated, they begin the process of paypal or payment without address or anything else, and you cant even complete the process nor review it, and i wasnt given an order number. my paypal was charged and i filed a dispute, but paypal turned down my dispute saying it was authorized. so , this company needs stopped.

Antonio – Nov 19, 2020

On 9/10/20 I order their awful incent waterfalls and incents they stink was charged $125.49! was suppose to get a free phone charger! Never received that. I returned their junk 10/1/20 after being told by there associate the return address in CA cost me $20.85 to return its 11/19/20 and no refund the package is LOST they gave me wrong address now what ?

Bobby – Oct 22, 2020

This is a scam. Order was placed by me and rec’d. Items were not as described on Facebook, BUT no company name nor return information was given! How was I to return items without these facts? The only information in the package as that item needed to be returned within 60 days! So I attempted to mail it back to the tune of $16 to an address I found online in New York City. It was not accepted and was delivered back to me. As long as I could not contact the merchant directly, I waited until the bill appeared on my statement. When I called to dispute the charges I asked the agent how American Express had reached them. He gave me their email address so I sent them a message at the address. All of my emails sent did not ever go through to them! I’m out $72 for getting scammed! I’m furious!

Jonathon – Oct 08, 2020

Canceled what I was ordering and they processed my order before I hit pay. I haven’t a clue what I am getting.

Terry – Sep 24, 2020

I also was charged before completing my purchase for Virality Gifts. I reached out to both Virality Gifts and PayPal for my money back. The email address they have given us does not work.

Jodi – Sep 28, 2020

This might help you and others… Not good news though…

I did get a reply from emailing “[email protected]” with replies from the Incense burners rep via help scout. They are the same company as behind Virality Gifts (see below).

You could trying searching here and this

These guys are selling all sorts of crap. All scamming people with deliberately mis-priced specials, etc.

Using SSL cert for which is another of their sites.

Also scamming people for masks!:(

Grant – Sep 22, 2020


Amy – Sep 19, 2020

Scammer’s phone 8622290506

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I placed an order on 8/30/2020 should have received order in 3-5 days. I haven’t received my order yet. I’ve asked for refund, but company states they can’t give refund, because they already shipped order. I spoke with Fedex 9/19/2020 and was advised that a shipper label was printed on 9/1/2020, but product to be shipped never received. I’m tracking a shipper label not product. These people need to be STOPPED!

Javier – Sep 19, 2020

I ordered Incense Waterfall on August 30 and was suppose to receive items in 3-5 days. I haven’t received product yet.
I’ve called 3 times and was told my order was delayed because Fedex was experiencing delays because of the weather. I spoke to Fedex today and was told that shipper label was was printed on Sept. 1st, 2020, but they haven’t receive product.

Evelyn – Sep 14, 2020

I saw the add for the incense burner on Facebook and thought it looked cool, so I started the purchasing process. Before completing/finalizing the order, I changed my mind and cancelled. About an hour or so later, I checked my email and had an order confirmation from them and PayPal.

I notice that they had also added two orders of the replacement cones at a rate of $19.99/per 100, when the website stated $6.99/per 200. I immediately contacted the company and told them that I did not place the order and wanted my money refunded immediately.

Their CS Rep emailed me the next day, now day 2, apologizing for the order being placed without my authorization, and offered me a discount. I declined and again stated that I wanted my money back. On day 4, I received yet another email offering me a larger discount. I again declined and AGAIN requested my money back. On day 5, I received another email offering me a discount.

Now, I am irate. I have requested my money back several times and realize I am being stalled. I respond saying I haven’t received anything and don’t want anything other than my money back from an order that I DID NOT PLACE!

I receive another email on day 6, telling me that all orders are processed next day. The email stated I could return the order (at my expense, I’m sure), and that there was a copy of their return policy attached. I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but there was no policy attached.

I’ve contacted PayPal, and am hoping I can get my money back. What an infuriating scam these people are running. I knew the CS Rep was stalling to allow time for them to ship. I am disgusted and plan to review this company any and everywhere humanly possible.

Logan – Dec 21, 2020

Exact thing happened to me,did not order and emailed them saying returning without opening.They say I will get refund when they receive package.This was Sept.After numerous calls emails and tracking, the package is in a Chicago,illinois which a customs man says is no way to trace It has been there two days after I returned it He gave me a # for consumer affairs for US postal which wont pick up.There is no help coming from incense waterfall.Wish I found this page sooner.I have spent hours trying to fix this

Katelyn – Sep 01, 2020

Victim Location 90032

Total money lost $26.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from an ad from my DINGTONE FREE WiFi TALK & TEXT App advertisement to get more phone credits. When I charged it on my son’s debit card, they sent me by email the receipt of purchase but NO TRACKING NUMBER. I figured I be on the lookout for my package. 2 weeks went by and me checking the mail box throughout the morning, day, and night and still no package. When I contacted the company’s Customer Service, they were very vague as if it was a SCAM saying that I don’t have an account with them. The second operator argues about that they sent me the TRACKING NUMBER. They did, AFTER THE FACT it was DELIVERED. That’s when it’s too late. Package was STOLEN or NEVER DELIVERED or SHIPPED.

Brett – Aug 25, 2020

I wish I was aware of this information prior to placing an order from these people. I ordered the waterfall incense burner extra cones because “no other incense would work”. When I received the items I was very disappointed. We have several service stations around town that carry this type of merchandise. They had the very same incense burner at a much cheaper price. The special incense for the waterfall is another ripoff because any cone shaped incense will work. I guess I should be happy that they only stuck for me $81.00. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me! Please research your purchases to prevent getting stung like this.

Leslie – Jun 21, 2020

30th March 2020 – I started an order on line but didnt finalise payment. Next morning I saw it had gone through; I immediately contacted them saying what had happened and they argued the point and said”too late”. When I did receive it I returned it the next day to the address shown. It was an Australian address. I have not received any refund or further communication. I would like my AUD $59.71 refunded. This is stealing from customers, specially when declaring – return and receive a refund if unsatisfactory.

Eddie – Jul 09, 2020

this is exactly what happened to me

Lacey – Jun 18, 2020

Scammer’s phone 862-233-8121

Scammer’s website Virality Gifts

Scammer’s address 754 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA 90014-2602

Scammer’s email

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Phone

Ordered their product, incense waterfall for $39.00 plus shipping, $6.99.
Order date 05/29/2020, Ship Date 06/12/2020 and received on 06/18/2020…broken to pieces. I called their telephone number which is a New Jersey listing and I spoke to a woman about the problem. All she said was sorry and could I send a picture of the merchandise. What I want is my refund returned.

Walter – Jun 18, 2020

My order came today, completely broken to bits..called them and she said to send a picture to them…I want my money back…I’ll send them their waterfall incense back to them.

Calvin – Jun 11, 2020

It happened to me..I found 3 charges totaling 81.88. I have never heard of this vitality gifts until I found the charges now having to proof that I didn’t order anything from them and I’m on disability this is a big chunk out of my money.. IT SUCKS!

Teresa – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 02767

Total money lost $86.83

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 04/20/2020 there was 4 charges made to my debit/credit card. The total adds up to 86.83. They had all of my information correct but when I asked for the telephone number that was placed on the order, refused to answer. The name on my bank statement is Virality gifts. They said that it was delivered by Fed Ex. Fed ex leaves the package at the door and knock’s to let you know that you have a delivery. I also spent at least 1hour on phone with my bank this morning to change my password because of this issue. Just a FYI, a charge that was made by Groupon on the same day 4/20/2020 wasn’t placed by us either. The service representative that I spoke with said his name was Rome and definitely was foreign.

Derrick – May 23, 2020

I ordered the incense waterfall, extra incense cones & a cell phone quick charger on April 18th. I received the order today. Total charge was $67.83. They did not charge me for anything I did not order. But the incense burner is not as pictured. Really don’t like it since it doesn’t work too well.

Alejandro – May 22, 2020

I ordered a incense waterfall and got charged 2 times and never have received my merchandise…DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE…THEY ARE A SCAM…

Taryn –

This company attempted to charge my credit card. Thank God I had it locked. After reading the other complaints, it is apparent that I dogged a bullet.

Dominique –

I also ordered a Waterfall on 16th March 2020 and incense to go with it, thought the incense was $3.99 and got charged $US39.90, have not received a thing, No the only one according to the reviews.

Tyler –

Victim Location 85210

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

purchase items charged twice on second order that was never placed. order was never received!

Alisha –

I ordered the incent water fall they got me for over 100. Not sure how to get money’s back ordered it on a chime card. Any suggestions on how to get my money back. So disappointed.

Victoria –

I bought the insense fountain and some insense. I never got anything. I’m trying to get some action from them but it looks pretty futile.
I’m tired of getting screwed by these people, what should I do ?
Thanks : [email protected]

Calvin –

Ordered waterfall 4/10/20 still as of today 5/2/20 nothing. My sister birthday has come and gone. Really disappointed.

Michelle –

Got me for 68.00 going to call my bank right now stay away for this site

Rose –

I placed my order on April 20th. I got scammed for 89.95. I will be reporting as soon as the banks open in the morning. I hope the heck I get my money back. I really loved the waterfall… Report them as soon as you can. SCAM ALERT~

Rafael –

Everyone THIS COMPANY IS BRING INVESTIGATED BY THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and is a Fraud. I have gotten so many different answers from them via email, tracking numbers, phone. Now they won’t answer my calls.
CONTACT YOUR BANK OR CREDIT CARD AND DISPUTE THE CHARGES! Explain that you’ve found out that they are a fraud and are being investigated by the BBB. My back is on it immediately and they’ve even put guards up so this company can’t take money from me. I also am changing passwords to my email and my facebook for they may have access to that as well. BEWARE AND TAKE ACTION to protect yourselves.

Krystal –

Hi everyone I was on Facebook and this ad came up of this insense waterfall burners so I purchased one then it came up with different items like phone charger etc so I spent nearly $100 meanwhile I have been waiting since March and still nothing

Corey –

They are a scam I just have researched them. The BBB is investigating them. Contact your bank and dispute the charges tell them you’ve found the compsnybus under investigation by the BBB and they are a fraud company.

Brandi –

Victim Location 48026

Total money lost $39.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The ad for the incense waterfall is completely misleading. It says you can get one for a discount. Ok, sounds good. Then it says it only takes a special type of cone and you can get these for $3.99 for 100. By the time I checked out, my bill was almost $90. They charged me $39.40 for 200 cones which I did not agree to. I called the lady right away. She tried to talk me out of canceling the order. I didn’t want the cones. They were suppose to be $3.99. I told her the ad was misleading and wrong. She told me how she has the waterfall and she loves it. It helps her sleep during the day? What the heck? Today, I received an email saying my order has shipped. The cones are in with the order! I am about to call them. And I would like to add that someone from Vietnam tried to hack my Yahoo account shortly after that purchase.

Ruben –

Let’s all get together somewhere & [censored]ing track & find these [censored]ers!
?Anyone interested?

Ana –

Oh NO!
I have read some other people’s experience’s & i had $200 taken from my bank account,my bank suspected fraud & locked my card,i really liked the gift i thought i was purchasing & i actually called my bank & got them to unblock access to my account,which allowed these scammers to take more money,
I am so disappointed.

Caroline –

My Husband spent $89.98. Over a month ago from an advertising Virality Gifts on Facebook. What should we do about this ?

Darryl –

It happened to me as well but just recently and I did some research on this company. First contact your bank and tell them what has happened and that you’ve found that this company is a fraud. I found out the BBB is investigating them way to many complaints for the same things. They won’t answer to phone calls. So have your bank dispute and return your payment. If you need information for them as to what I’ve found contact me via email at [email protected] Also contact the BBB and file a complaint. They have your bank/credit card info so put an alert on those as well. They may have other info so be aware and in the look out for suspicious things on your email, facebook maybe changing passwords.

Carly –

On 2/29/20 my credit card was charged $55.84 for purchases that I did not order or receive. I called them on 3/29/20 and message said their mailbox was full. [email protected]

Cynthia –

Ordered a 39.99 lamp and they charged me 88.89 total rip off and I want my full refund. I have tried to contact them and the number says the inbox is full and they don’t answer my emails!

Miguel –

Ordered a 14.95 product on March 12, website scammed me into 3 of them plus other unneeded things for a total of $57.00. Emailed them and said to cancel order, got a response saying I’ll love their products. Still have yet to receive anything, called the number on my cc statement and it says voicemail full and disconnects.

Curtis –

Was browsing the company and saw a inscent waterfall never placed order 4 days latter was checked my ballence on my debt card and noticed 5 different charges ( my debt card info is on my smart phone) I have tired calling and has come back as this is a non working number have emailed several times and have got no answer. There has been no response from company at all. There was no confirmation email for this unauthorized order like they state they send . This company is just out to get your money . I still haven’t received my so called order .SCAM IS ALL THIS IS

Lacey –

The amount of my loss is $ 101.82

Caleb –

Victim Location 60827

Total money lost $126.86

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Problem: I place an order for a Incense Waterfall on Monday 3/30/2020 at 7:51 am it cost $34.99 plus shipping was $6.99 that’s all I order when I looked at the e-mail they sent me it said $126.86 I was like the what is this,so I start calling them I was getting a voice mail so I kept call bye 8:01 I got an answer the Lady didn’t give a name.So I begin to explain I did not order all that stuff 2 waterfall 100 incense and insurance no thank I would like a REFUND,Please CANCEL my order she begin say she had to send to another department it will take 24 hours and then told me just check the product out you make like it I said NO REFUND CANCEL my order,she has to wait for another department,and on the e-mail her name was Emari, So I gave it 24 hours called back another lady said it wasn’t summit she is going to do it now so another 24 hours she says yes,So I called 4/01/2020 I talk to JOHN he said it was summit they still wait on another department to check they e-mail he put me on hold hung up on me I called back and wait 58:32 before John answer the phone again saying he was going to let EMARI handle this since she started working on this she will send you a e-mail,they just giving me the run around.

Gina –

Victim Location 33173

Total money lost $81

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered one item (which I later found to be listed in Amazon for $5.95 and this company was selling for $24.95). I entered online to buy one but they scam your order and wouldnt let me move forward to complete the order without them artificially adding unwanted items to order. What started out as $24.95 order was artificially inflated to an order amount exceeding $80.00. I immediately tried calling them to rectify and they were not accepting calls and emailed them but got no response. They havent shipped the phony order but tel me they will not cancel without a charge.

They are taking advantage of innocent and ignorant buyers and must be stopped

Jonathon –

Victim Location 77351

Total money lost $53.47

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertised on Facebook as alienhovercraft with phone number 844-334-151. Ordered an alien hover craft and charger and it was debted to my account with Virality Gifts. No response to e-mail sent to company of their website. Holding pattern on phone number then the phone later went to music only. No contact back at all. SCAM

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