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Micheal – Sep 13, 2020

Scammers, do not pay anything. I lose $265 by paying threw cash app to Howard Holt. I am still fighting to get my money from my credit union. They have nothing else do, Sad Basters !

Tabitha – Sep 11, 2020

I to came close to being scammed by them.I answered a craigslist ad about a beagle pup a man by the name Oxbert Lee emailed me an wanted me to send him $300 by cashapp I responded I don’t use cashapp then he ask me to send a money gram with a address in Cameroon ? Luckily the women at money gram office said it’s a scam ! Then he texted me an said just email me 3 $100 Amazon cards ? I said you prove to me pup is on its way an I will ! I received a email from vip pet relocations stating they needed $1700 for special carrier with AC because of the weather or I could rent one for $865 ! I texted Mr Lee back an said you pay for the carrier !, he told me to use the $300 for the price of the pup on the carrier an then when they reimbursed for it I could pay him? This went back an forth for 2 days ! He had told me he was know lived in Baltimore Maryland but had posted the ad in Greenville SC. I said that’s great both sons live right across the border from you about 35 miles away in Pa one is a paramedic the other a police officer give me the address an one of them will pick it up ! Needless to say I have not heard a word back ! I am retired an just wanted a companion! These people belong in jail !

Donna – Sep 06, 2020

I saw this ad for a chihuahua on Craigslist and responded. This ad was in craiglist (San Diego) but in reality when this person Katy Price replied back to me via email she stated she resided in San Jose, CA. I was going to take the trip to San Diego but when she said San Jose I asked the person Katy Price to give me the address and I googled it to find out the distance which then I replied to Katy Price that it was too far. I received a reply back from her that she wouldn’t mind shipping the puppies which this person Katy said if I take both of the pups it would be a better price which I didn’t mind taking both. The person Katy Price said she would look into how much it would cost to shipped them to me at this point I replied to Katy Price I couldn’t afford the shipping and wasn’t interested to proceed. So Katy Price said she would take it out of the price she was selling the pups to me which was $650. for both pups. So I figured she was going to pay for the shipping since she wanted to sell them and I would pay the $650.00 when they arrive. Instead the person was suppose to let me know how much it was going to cost but instead Katy Price went ahead and drop the pups at VIPPETRELOCATORS and emailed me to say here’s the tracking and to contact them about the payment which was $265.00. I tried to call them (323-486-5575) and no one answered the phone. I tried about 15 times and then finally I received a call from this person Howard Holt (which I don’t think it’s his name) and his phone number area code was from Wyoming (307) 296-1098. He then said he wanted the payment to put the pups on flight schedule but to pay the amount in a cash app. I told him I don’t do cash apps. Then he said to make it easier to buy gift cards and call him back. Well long story short my husband said he would pay him through cash app once gets it downloaded. We didn’t pay it until the next morning. I text Howard Holt to say we were ready to pay for the flight. He said okay once you pay to capture a screen shot. My husband did that and it went through so we thought. Give it a few hours I text this person Howard Holt to find out the update and he said he will get back to us. Then we got another email about the pups needed some pressurized crate to fly and for us pay for a rental of $650.00 which was fully refundable. This is where I got suspicious and replied back to the seller Katy Price and said no way I was going to pay for the rental which I had nothing for my money and so we contact the transporter Howard Holt we wanted our refund and he refused. The seller Katy Price was replying like she wasn’t involved in this. We knew then it was a scam and now we are out of $265.00. No puppy.

Ross – Aug 17, 2020

Scammer’s phone 323-486-5575

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

I responded to an ad on Craigslist for a French Bulldog puppy. I saw pictures, and purchased the dog through CashApp for $420.00. The seller made the shipping arrangements. I was told she was a nurse and had no time to care for the puppy. I received a confirmation that my puppy was going to be shipped along with a confirmation number. I received a second email stating the puppy needed a special pressurized crate for the flight and the rental was $865.00, fully refundable. The puppy never arrived. The next day I received a third email that the puppy was shipped with another dog that had Parvo and was put in a mini quarantine and was tested. The cost was $1800.00 and although it was covered by insurance, I needed to pay, fully refundable, to get my puppy on time. That is when I realized it was a scam. The seller continued to email me begging for money to so her puppy can be in a loving home. I filed a Police Report on August 14th, and on August 15th the police had to contact the seller to stop messaging me asking for more money. I request a refund for the crate rental and VIP Pet Relocators refused. I asked the seller for a refund on the puppy, she refused. I never received the dog, and I lost approximately $1300.00. The emotional pain, priceless…

Chelsea – Aug 15, 2020

Victim Location 94928

Total money lost $1,285

Type of a scam Other

I answered an ad on Craigslist for a French Bulldog puppy. The seller made all of the arrangements. The puppy was to be shipped by VIP Pet Locators. I received a confirmation email that my puppy was going to be shipped. I received a second email that the puppy needed a special pressurized crate that I could rent for $865.00, fully refundable. I made the payment. I receive a third email stating my puppy was shipped with another dog that had Parvo. I need to pay $1800.00 to cover the mini quarantine and test. This was covered by insurance, however the time it would take for insurance to pay would delay me getting my puppy. That is when I realized this was a scam. VIP Pet Locators refused to refund me the money for the crate rental and I have no puppy. The seller also refused to refund what I paid for the puppy.

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