Victor Cedeno

Kristen – Sep 14, 2020

Be very open eyed on victor he prays on woman and harasses and threatens. He was claiming that we had something to do with a fake 500 dollar check. We have never met this victor and know nothing of . yet he was forcefully trying to get us to pay him $500. Y’all be careful of scammers like victor.

Nicholas –

Victim Location 80107

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Person claiming to be Mr. Brennan asked my web design firm for a quote on a site that looked like the site at a link he gave me. After going back and forth on requirements, I quoted the job. He asked if I took credit cards and I said yes. He asked if I could charge his card for not only my deposit, but an extra $2500 which I should send to his design consultant so he could release the images and video assets for the site. This made me suspicious so I did some research and found it was a scam. I played along until he thought I had charged the card successfully and refused to send the money to his ‘consultant.’ After I confronted him with my knowledge of his real name and phone numbers, he stopped contacting me.

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