Jordan – Oct 17, 2020

I was contacted by text about selling my car, they sent me a message, “Can you grab a vin report from Https://vehiclereportonline” it ask for my vin and email, said it sent me an email. They did not send me an email and when I tried to access the page again it say, ” no report found for this vin” total scam. I froze my account and will be disputing that charge! the phone number it came from was local, 208-203-1475

Kenneth – Aug 24, 2020

I received a similar email asking if car is still available and they asked for the report. What do I do now that I went on and paid for the report?

Todd –

Victim Location 15207

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I posted a used car for sale on Craigslist (for sale by owner, I am not a dealer). The listing included a phone number. Minutes after posting the car, I got a text. It read "hey, I saw the 2012 mini cooper your (sic) selling. Is it available?" I replied, "Yes, it is." The scammer then texted, "Could you get a vin report from It seemed like a reasonable thing to ask for, so I went to the site and entered my VIN. It looked like it would cost less than similar websites, like Carfax, but something was nagging me about the website. It looked too simple. It didn’t have a menu and I had never heard of this company before. I went to Google and searched for vehicle report online and there were no results that came up for this website. That was a red flag right there. Then I came across several news articles and postings on the website about a scam like this where the scammer asks you to get a report from a fake website and they use that information to get your credit card information or other personal information. I found the list of sites that are approved by the NMVTIS for title searches, so I checked that list and this website was not listed. Luckily, I never went any further on that website than entering the vehicle VIN. The last thing I did was reply to the text that I was getting a report from a site approved by the NMVTIS. I assumed if this was a legitimate person, they shouldn’t care where the title was from. I never got a response, which confirmed for me that this was a scam.

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