Michele – Oct 04, 2020

I just had the same situation as many listed above, although I was naive enough to buy the $26 report from I received a cursory email back indicating that the vehicle had no accidents associated with it. My question is what is their angle? Is it only the $26 they are after, or is this a part of a broader identity theft operation? Has anyone else had the experience of responding to one of these fraudulent approaches? What happened afterwards?

Anthony – Oct 03, 2020

Same person… Stuart being interested in buying my car. Thanks to the previous repot with the image that helped me realize what was going on

Lori – Sep 30, 2020

Same story but with “Stuart”

Tristan – Sep 28, 2020

Yet again a phone call from 505-445-8703 saying they were interested in buying my vehicle and after several texts wanted me to go to and PAY for a reports. SCAMMERS WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

Aimee – Sep 27, 2020

Same thing happened to me as the people in the comments, I posted my wrapped bmw 325i on Craigslist and a guy tried forcing me to get an RV report off the site.

Jorge – Sep 26, 2020

My Scammer was real nice until I told him that the VIN number was on the CL add and he could obtain the information himself. He didn’t like that much. Then I sent him copies of the complains above and ended the conversation completely. Thanks for sharing your experiences because I would never have known. We’ve need to nail these scammers!

Theresa – Sep 25, 2020

same here just next after posting on a craiglist. Asked few questions about motocycle and asking about RV report and gave me a link. Site registration date July 2020 – obviously this is a scam/
+15054458703 “Trever”

Barbara – Sep 28, 2020

and same number

Misty – Sep 23, 2020

916-287-8596, Cody, from “Knoxville”. I’m in Louisville. Same story, take day off work if I would send a VA report. Sent him a Carfax report, then heard nothing back.

Eugene – Sep 22, 2020

Same thing happened to us. Posted car on craigslist. Received text from 505-445-8703 asking questions. We said we already have a carfax. Guy sent link for and insisted we go that route. Just like everyone else said, the guy said he would have to take off work to meet us. Didnt reply after we said we would send him carfax and not do the route. Don’t buy into this scam. Sellers beware! So many scammers have contacted us about the car. About a 3 scammers to 1 real person ratio so far.

Jeffery – Sep 22, 2020

Same story. Will take off work if you send me VA report. Apparently CARFAX doesn’t work anymore😂 SCAMMERS

Raul – Sep 20, 2020

Had a very similar experience to everyone else. Local number 5125234542. Guy’s name was Andrew. Same scenario. Asked some questions about the car. Said he needed to take time off work but wouldn’t until I got a VR report. Gave me an URL to Said only this and carfaxx were legit but this one was only $20 whereas carfaxx was $50. Tried to text him a carfax report that was free but it wouldn’t go through. Asked him for an email twice but hasn’t responded. Feels scummy.

Micheal – Aug 20, 2020

Same thing “Peter” seemed interested and was going to “take a day off work” but I offered to send a car fax instead that’s when he said good luck. I’m very happy that I was able to see that this is a scam before it was too late being a young girl trying to sell a car on craigslist I am a target for people like this.

Cory – Aug 19, 2020

The same thing just happened to us. We listed a car for sale on Craigslist. We even wrote out the phone number so someone would need to actually read the add before calling. We got a text message that said “Peter” would take tomorrow off work to purchase the vehicle if we have a “GV Report”. We didn’t know what that was so the investigation began. Then we received a link to It was not a local phone number.

Brittany – Aug 20, 2020

Same exact thing happened to me this afternoon from “Peter”

Brenda – Jul 27, 2020

^ same experience as above but i found your comment and won’t need to do the research. Thanks friend.

Someone contacted me to get an “RV report” for my motorcycle.. first of all they should know that.. since it;s not an RV … and then i said what is an RV report and he sent me the website

seemed fishy.

Curtis – Jul 23, 2020

Victim Location 52245

Type of a scam Phishing

I posted a car for sale on craigslist, got a text acting like they were interested. Asked me to purchase a report from, which is not an approved site by NMVTIS. I replied back with a link to the NMVTIS website and never received response after that.

Louis – Jul 20, 2020

Victim Location 93727

Type of a scam Identity Theft

A person contacted me through a craiglist ad for a used vehicle. He said he was very interested in the buying the car but wanted me to purchase a AVR report from When i checked the site it didnt come up in a google search, which was my first indication of a scam. He then sent me the website address and I did open it, but again it seemed fishy. Fortunately I was able to find on the website someone else that had been caught up in a similar scam. I was also able to check with a government site that had all the approved websites for vehicle reports. Based on the linguistic quality of the English in the text messages, I am certain the scammer is not a native English speaker.

Erika – May 16, 2020

Victim Location 84037

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I placed an online used car ad to sell my vehicle. A person sent me a text message that they were interested in buying my vehicle and that if the vehicle was as advertised, that they were committed to purchasing it. We scheduled a time for him to test drive the vehicle. He then texted back that he required that I purchase and send him a vehicle history report from NVAR – national vehicle audit reports before he would come test drive. He became very aggressive when I wouldn’t agree to it and when I offered to give him another report like CarFax. I went to two websites that he referenced to check it out: and The sites claim to be legitimate by claiming endorsements from Forbes and other reputable businesses. At the site, I chatted with a "Support Agent". I asked him to send me the link to the endorsement by Forbes. I got the run around. The "Support Agent" kept trying to get me to buy the reports and was even offering me discounts to do it. It’s obvious that their tactic is to respond to private vehicle ads to pressure people to purchase vehicle reports from these sites. Even if the sites are legitimate, their tactics to drum up business are fraudulent. After I refused to buy the reports, my "interested buyer" would no longer respond to my texts and when I call the phone number, it is no longer available. They are using a spoof number from the internet. Please shut these guys down! Based on their texting, it doesn’t appear that English is their native language. When looking at buying the reports, it takes you to a Pay Pal site and wants a credit card number.

Henry – May 04, 2020

So guy on Craigslist contact me about getting a report from the site Saying that he is taking his day off to buy the car in cash. But he won’t take my CarFax report. I offered to take 25 dollars off if he buys the car. But he refuses and insists that he needs the report from this site. He is pretty much a scammer

Russell – Sep 12, 2020

My scammer was Vincent too 🙂 He stopped replying once I said I’d send a carfax, but I’m not getting one from a website I don’t know

Alex – Apr 22, 2020

I just had a very similar experience. We recently posted a car for sale. I received a text asking for more information. I responded and made plans to meet the next day to look at the vehicle. “Jimmy” then said he needed me to send him the NVA paperwork. I had never heard of NVA and assumed he was talking about the bill of sale and odometer statement etc. I told him that my husband would meet him with the paperwork when he looked at the vehicle. He then told me again that he needed paperwork from NVA because he needed to rearrange his work schedule to make time to look at the car. I thought that was odd, because I was available to meet anytime that day, but whatever… He also sent me a link to the website. After going to the website I felt it was a little fishy so I did a web search and did a search on the BBB. I found very little info about the company. I then asked “Jimmy” if I could get him a report from Auto check and he was persistent that he get the paperwork from NVA. He then ended the conversation

Audrey – Apr 04, 2020

Same thing happened to me. He was upset about not getting it. Said he was taking time off from work and i was asking thousands of dollars for my truck and needed the report before he drove down. Told him id give im the carfax up until i owned it and then once i met him id pay for carfax from a reputable site. He only wanted it from that fishy website

Logan –

Victim Location 85735

Type of a scam Other

I listed a car for sale on craigslist and FB marketplace. I was contacted by text. It was a local number. They asked a few questions about the car and then.said the price was ok. And wanted to meet the next day to get the money. When I agreed then he said send me the NVA before I take off work.

I didn’t know what that was so I asked. HE then sent me a link. Something didn’t seem right. i invited this person to call to make arrangements to see the car. The reply was they wouldn’t take off work and come until I sent them this report, no other report was good enough only this one.

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