Dominique – Dec 08, 2020

I have not gotten the shoes my fiancé ordered for my back in November

Stacy – Nov 25, 2020

One more thing I would like to add! I have the sneakers but will not wear them! It’s just the principle! Oh don’t you love the paper bags?!? Plus I got a month of back and forth emails with the first pair & to email me a return shipping label so I could send them back but was told to keep them and I would get the right sneakers sent! They never did send them! So like I said before I ordered them a month later to get the wrong sneakers again! I would have changed the picture of the sneakers if that’s the ones a costumer would receive! But I guess not… cause that would be common sense!

Brent – Nov 25, 2020

Do not buy from this website! You Will Not Get What You Ordered! I ordered pitbull sneakers! There was only one color and design! Cream/khaki and one group of pitbulls! I received a blue/gray sneakers with a botched, demo, practice, design that never should have made it in the bag & mailed to me! Yes .. No shoebox! All the emails & pics I sent them they just sent back they would be sending me the correct sneakers.. that Never came! I did get my money back cause I disputed the charge with my bank! They try to scam you out of your money! What you see, purchase & order is Not what you receive! So save yourself the time, money, disappointment & headache! Cause that’s the only guarantee you can count on! Oh also I tried ordering the same sneakers after seeing them still on Vegamartz website .., just to see … but Still got the same wrong design & color! Got my money back .. Again & they never responded to my emails/pics the second time! I put a complaint with the BBB but from my experience… don’t waist your money!

Vanessa – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 94005

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was enticed to its website because I googled and searched for car seat cover with Christian theme. I saw an image of a design that I liked, and I clicked it which led me to its website. The company does not provide a no. for customer support, but I noticed 2 addresses were provided: one in SF and one in Florida. I work at SF. That is a nonexistent address in SF. If you google, it’ll show a similar street address in Redwood City. For the Florida address, that is a residence. Here’s the 2 e-mail addresses listed: 1) [email protected] 2) [email protected]

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