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Joshua – Dec 03, 2020

Check your credit reports and you can see if the company did a credit inquiry or if there are any actions on there that you did not initiate. Any denial for credit, housing, work refused due to credit or background information will be related to you as such initially with a letter from the company simply stating that they are unable to hire you because you did not pass their background check or credit standards, and that you can learn more in the letter that they are obligated to send. Thad will outline what services they got into from, and the negative info led them to their hiring decision. Other than that they will not and legally are advised against discussing specifics of denial to hire. I doubt that any ID theft scheme will involve 2 months of pretending to hire you before getting the info they want, nor will they bother to contact you again after they get what they want. You can also call the BBB in the city/state where the business homes, the Chamber of Commerce or even their city government to discuss legal standing. Lastly, e-signatures are not unusual or illegal to use when doing business remotely.

Brianna –

Victim Location 89144

Type of a scam Employment

I pretty much applied to this job listing on Craigslist for a virtual assistant job position. It said to email for more information. So I emailed them and they spoke with me over the phone and did and interview and later hired me. It was a company based in Washington but no physical address is on their website. Only emails and a phone number that goes straight to voicemail and they call you back. But mostly everything is done by email. I emailed my ID information and sign 1099 documents for Washington including my name, ssc and address. I later got denied the job Becuase of a failure of a background check which I will be receiving soon in the next few days to see what I may be able to fix. They didn’t disclose why I failed or even wanted to discuss it, I was simple terminated and told to discard all emails, training, information given and documents signed. I’m just concerned know that they stole my identy. I signed documents through doc u sign a new application to sign document online instead of in person and sent just directly a picture of my ID to the payroll email and person I was communicating with the hiring process and communication took almost 2 months very long and unnecessary. Please help me so I know if this was a legitimate company and that I did not get my indenty stolen and if so help me with the process or pursing legal action or helping me to push forward with changing my information. I appreciate all your help thank you so much.

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