Brandy – Jan 03, 2021

So I’m a gamer and I already have sponsors. About a week ago I started getting comments on my posts on Instagram about a collab. At first I took it serious and checked out their shop to see what they sale and was highly disappointed that they sold sunglasses and watches. I’m a faceless gamer which means I never have done a face reveal. So I told them that this wouldn’t work and moved on. But I kept getting comments of the same thing from several different accounts. I asked their main accounts to blacklist me cause it will never wish or happen. They continued to bug me and spam my posts. Out of curiosity I went to their main account clicked on followers and type in “valerio” to see how many bots they have and omg! Easily hundreds, maybe even thousands! My online name is K-rain and my account is @K_rain_gaming. I’m the leader of a gaming clan named The REALz XIII and my higher ups gave me the advice to look up reviews for this company. Now that I see they are overpriced cheap plastic products I have more ammo for the next time I see them in my DM’s or comments. Might even expose them publicly. Thank you

Roy – Dec 02, 2020

I have positive experience. I liked the Ezra glasses I received, looked nice..

Javier – Nov 12, 2020

Big fat scammers, contacted me via Instagram for an ambassador program and asked me to buy some crap with 50% discount. over priced cheap [censored]s. Better buy from Ali express though.

Nathan – Nov 01, 2020

Seems really dodgy, they gave me a message and I looked and we talked and I said I was going to contact one of the people they worked with and they basically told me to hurry up and buy so ‘we can move forward’ and than they offered me 60% off and I’m just like legitimate business don’t make you pay for the brand, so unless they offer it for free don’t take it bc it’s a scam, they’re a little bit rude

Willie – Oct 18, 2020

thank you guys so much im 13 and I almost fell for it if it wasn’t for you and my freinds

Carla – Oct 14, 2020

Valerio contacted me on Instagram for a “collab”to be a brand ambassador. Offered me a 50% discount. I ordered a pair of sunglasses. It took over a month for them to get here. I have never seen something so cheap looking… I’ve seen better in the Dollar Store! I wanted to exchange however you cannot exchange for “changed my mind”. Their return policy is horrible to say the least! $55.00 for a piece of JUNK!

Brent – Oct 02, 2020

Thanks to you guys I avoided this scam!

Cynthia – Oct 02, 2020

I was contacted through Instagram and made a purchase at 50% off. It took very long to receive the glasses and when they eventually did arrive they were not at all what I ordered and was of a really crappy quality. I contacted customer services and sent them pictures of what I ordered and what I received. I asked for a refund and they said that my product was non refundable and sent me a link to the Refund Policy where is states that if your product is materially different you are eligible for a refund. The customer service department did not reply to that comment I made and said they will send a new one but I have to pay for shipping which I refused. After a back and forth they sent it with no extra charge after being refused a refund. They never arrived. I have been in contact with them since June with no outcome and a lot of excuses. I rarely speak to the same person so I have to inform them each time of my situation. Now they have said that they processed a new order bit still no tracking number. I am not going to let this go! The pictures are what I ordered and what I received

Rachael – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 53216

Total money lost $9

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They promised to help promote by offering a brand ambassador position but I had to purchase something from their website. I ordered a pair of sunglasses that I never received. Luckily I put a stop payment on the order that I made in installments. Customer service never responds to complaints. A week later I received a call from the fraud department of my bank saying that someone was trying to charge $415.60 in Paris, France. I had to cancel my card and order a replacement. But I’m afraid they might have other personal information of mine and use it fraudulently.

Cara – Jun 29, 2020

Victim Location 96707

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Employment

Shop.valerio and valerio_fashiondesign on Instagram contacted me for a collaboration ("collab") to be a brand ambassador/influencers. They demand you pay for an expensive product at half of which is still very expensive but is just cheap made in China garbage and say that you can make a tiny percentage back in sales which is a lie. There’s lots of scams like this on Instagram targeting impressionable young people.

Hannah – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 02886

Total money lost $36

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought sunglasses from them two months ago and never received them. I was asked by them to be part of their company and promote for them and I thought this business was legit, so I agreed to buy a pair of sunglasses from them. It has been 2 months now and after several attempts with getting on contact with customer service they still refuse to give me a refund even though my sunglasses are "still in transit" in CHINA, where they have been for 2 months.

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