United States Federal Government Grants-Imposter

United States Federal Government Grants-Imposter Reviews, Check United States Federal Government Grants-Imposter Scam or Legit
Craig –

Victim Location 23669

Type of a scam Government Grant

I (on my smart phone) was called by someone with a heavy accent from one of the former Eastern Block countries. The woman said she was from the grant office, I asked, where? then she said, United States Federal Government grants office. She said I was being contacted as I had been paying all my bills and stayed out of bankruptcy, etc. Then asked a few questions, can you hear me? are you interested in receiving $6000 grant money. then asked how I want the money, by going to a western union site, bank account or credited to a credit card. she then gave me a number to call to access the verification office prior to receiving my money. I did not call for the next scammer to try getting info from me. I also downloaded an ap called "Hiya" It tells you whether an incoming call is likely a scam or fraud. BINGO! about 2 minutes after it was installed, one of the numbers that’s been bugging me called and Hiya popped up saying "suspected scam", so I hung up. A few days ago, I was contacted by a similar scammer, then earlier this morning.

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