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United Post Forward Reviews, Check United Post Forward Scam or Legit
Candace –

This scammer has set up as a USPS look-a-like website for mail forward change. It never says the amount it charged you.I figured it was the typical 1.00 charge from USPS but I checked my bank account there was a $39.95 dollar amount posted. Can no longer find the website by googling it and have to enter it into the address bar. There isnt an obvious way to contact them. Now I don’t even know if I can do an official address change without everything getting screwed up …

Wesley –

I only figured something was up well the new page showed up trying to sell me some $850 plan for something…I forget just what it was because I had no interest.

Armando –

Victim Location 30052

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Phishing

I was looking to change my address, I usually do it through USPS website. But once I realized it wasn’t the site it was too late. I called my bank to do a stop payment but at this point there wasn’t anything that could be done until the payment post. The company doesn’t have any options to cancel not is there any telephone numbers or email address listed

Stacey –

Victim Location 02135

Total money lost $5.95

Type of a scam Moving

I urgently needed to file my change of address claim and ended up going to a counterfeit version of the USPS change of address online form. They used the same language as USPS and charged a $5.95 identity protection fee to process the order. I used PayPal connected to my CC and am currently working to have the charge removed. I realized as soon as I was charged but it was too late.

Isaac –

Victim Location 49015

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought I was on the correct website to change my address, however I definitely was not. I was charged $39.95 to forward my address. The site doesn’t give a phone number to contact them or a price for the address change. I tried to email them on the website but have received no response.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 57103

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Moving

I was looking to change my address for college and thought that this website was USPS. I entered in my info and was expecting a $1.05 charge, but the company billed me $39.95. I soon realized that this was not the USPS website and tried to cancel and contact this company but have not gotten a response. According to the USPS, my address has not yet changed. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS: https://www.unitedpostforward.com/index.jsp even though it is the first hit on Google.

Alison –

Victim Location 53703

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer poses as USPS look-a-like website promising mail forward change. No where does it say the amount it charged you. Thought I was going through the usual 1.00 charge from USPS but woke up to a $39.95 dollar pending charge. Can no longer find the website by googling it and have to enter it into the address bar. They have no contact information (phone number, address, etc.) on the website, besides a small contact message submission page. Beware.

Grace –

Victim Location 62225

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

When you google USPS the ad for this site shows up first on the list and at first glance you think it’s the official mail site and it asks for information that is necessary to change your mailing address, until you see a charge of $39.95 on your card. This charge is not listed on the site before entering your information. When you go back to look at the site and to try and contact them there is no phone number or email to contact them directly to cancel the transaction. The only means offered is for you to enter your information for them to contact you.

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