Kaitlin –

Victim Location 74129

Type of a scam Employment

https://turboenvelope.me/ this is their website. They are an enevelope forwarding service I guess. My first task which I have not done is to


Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Your 1st payment day is the 2nd Friday following the day of the 1st successfully managed assignment. Your sign on bonus of US$500.00 will be added to your 1st payroll.

I’m happy to confirm that I also have received the confirmation of our 1st bank assignment. The 1st transfer will reach your account on Wednesday, December 18. What you have to do is to visit your bank in AM. Please withdraw the whole amount in cash. We need to re-transfer the funds to our partner via Moneygram Transfer System. All fees that you need to pay for the transfer via Moneygram you can deduct from the amount you have withdrawn. It’s absolutely has to be done before 3.00 PM, it’s a deadline; we will have to pay the fine if it’s done later. I will let you know the details of the receiver of the transfer via Moneygram (the purpose of the transfer is the payment for the software development) as soon as I get them. Please confirm that you understand every step and can manage the transfer on Wednesday, December 18. Please note, that your confirmation is final. We will not be able to cancel the assignment once you confirmed your availability to manage it on the date above. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for it.

We know that the growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable staff members. We hope that you will make much for our company and will be a responsible employee. Enjoy working with us!

I’m waiting for your confirmation.



So I’m not sure if this is legit. Im not paying any money out of pocket, but it feels weird to do an assignment with a money order I guess.

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