True Realty 51

Seth –

Victim Location 80104

Type of a scam Employment

I have been looking for a job and received an e-mail from someone named Amanda Brooks from True Realty 51. She said that she found my resume on the internet and wanted me to apply for this Realtor Assistant position that pays $3,000 bi-weekly. So $6,000 per month. So I told her that I was interested and she sent me this very basic info sheet that she called an application. Not a link to their site but a piece of paper to fill in the blanks and get back to her. I did fill it out and scanned it back to her. I was then asked to e-mail back some times that I would be available in the next 2 days for a phone interview. I submitted several times. Then she sent me back that she needed a copy of my Drivers license and a selfie pic to verify my identity. She also said to be very careful and accurate when filling out the paperwork. She told me she can be contacted via What’s App using the following number: +1(650) 822 6416 . I thought this to be strange. Also the selfie is strange.

So every time I try to contact that number it rings and goes to no ones voicemail. She will only text back on the What’s App.

If you get this far, you will receive a 2 week contract to sign and get back to her for a two week training online. I told her that I am not comfortable giving her anymore personal information until I speak to someone in person as they never even interviewed me. So someone with an Indian accent called on one of the numbers from their website in CA. She then told me I would receive tasks everyday for 23 weeks and would need to complete them and then at the end of the 2 weeks I would get paid $3,000 for completing the training even if they do not hire me permanently.

I received the first task and then received nothing for 2 days. I sent another message to Amanda telling this and that I have a contract with them and I need to know how to proceed. She sent me 2 sheets to fill out and told me she needs my banking information to pay me at the end of the 2 weeks and she needs it back asap as the information can take some time to process and she wants me to get paid on time. She also told me she sent me 2 more tasks, of which I did not receive.

At this point I look into the website they gave me and really look at it.

I discover that none of the phone numbers work at all. The HR number just hangs up on you. The others just ring.

I look them up with the and as you know they are not found.

I am not giving them my bank information and there is no one showing that may have built the website. I worked in digital websites and advertising for 7+ years and can tell that it is a bogus site.

Nothing about this is normal, and I can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out.

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