Toy Shop

Jesse –

Victim Location 32927

Type of a scam Online Purchase

"Toy Shop" professional-looking template comes up under a couple different random URLs, including The Toy Shop offers a $300 drone I was Googling for, for $60. They claim to be excess inventory disposal specialists (=fences?). Customer service only has the email [email protected] No phone number. This is part of the notorious scam ring, operating out of Shenzen, China. Apparently they are farming many, many websites, and it’s pretty sophisticated, filling in the catalog with expensive things you were searching for. Apparently they take your order, send you an email receipt, stall, then maybe mail you a cheap ring or bracelet a month or two later. When you claim it’s not what they ordered, they claim there was a mistake in the mail, then offer to give you 40% of your money back if you mail it back to them. If they can run out the clock, they get to keep the money from the credit card.

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