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Marvin –

TouchPlow is owned by Metro Snow & Ice’s Ken Dale, who justed stiffed 1500 paying customers in Ottawa.

Metro suddenly closed down on January 22, 2020 after taking everyone’s Jan 15th payments for the rest of the season. Dale left 1500 people in the lurch with no snow removal right before a major storm; including seniors.

That’s not all: In the email that announced Metro’s sudden closing, Dale  directed customers to Touch Plow … which he failed to mention that he owns! (He did offer them a $10 coupon, having ripped each one of them off for about $200.)

This CBC News story explains it all:
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Stay away from TouchPlow!

Tyler –

Total money lost $66

Type of a scam Other

On February 13th at 8 AM, I have placed an order to have my driveway cleaned within 4-12 hours through the TouchPlow app on my phone. For a 4-12 hour timeframe, I was to pay a premium price ($66). Note that TouchPlow is charging different prices based on the timeframe that they are committing to (a 24 hr timeframe costs less than a 12 hrs timeframe). After 12 hours, at 8 PM on February 13th, no service was delivered. I have ended up cleaning my own driveway as I had to go to work the next day. Next day, on February 14th at 4 PM, 32 hours after the request was placed, they have sent me a receipt for the $66 charge with pictures of the driveway I have cleaned myself. The receipt shows a phone number for questions (1 844-779-7669), however it disconnects automatically after the first ring. I have unsuccessfully tried contacting the merchant at the email address provided ([email protected]) but no response was ever received. No ticket was created or any other acknowledgement was communicated to indicate these emails were received and will be responded to. The only way this company responds to any complaints is through third party organizations such as or Mastercard.

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