Topray Solar

Dominique –

Victim Location 46992

Type of a scam Employment

I found a job posted on my local city Facebook page Wabash,IN. called TOPRAY Solar. that was posted from someone by the name of Jasongrey Pius. They had positions posted for a Phone Representative,Data Entry Representative,Administrative,Receptionist,Sales Associate,Front Desk Clerk,Customer Service, and Payroll Dispatcher was everything they said they were hiring for. The hours were supposed to be from 8 am-4 pm (could be flexible) with a pay of $20.75 hr. and they offered full and part-time and would be trained for each position. During training you would be paid $15.75 all done online until their new branch was opened in Huntington,IN. Sept. 2nd. and then and then I would be going there while making $20.75. Well the pay alone started the first red flag but wasn’t certain and still sent in my resume. Then I was contacted by someone by the name of Christine Kempeneers ([email protected]) congratulating me that Topray Solars recruiting team had reviewed and approved my resume. She went on to tell me that this was an immediate hire position. Following the newest online screening introduced by The Bureau of Human Resource I was required to download a application called Telegram on my mobile or computer. and that a hiring manager would be awaiting on my message for the interview/briefing on the positions offered. And was given a reference code. I went through the online interview process with someone by the name of Frank Lin ([email protected]) (company hiring manager) he started out telling me he would ask me series of questions and I was to reply with "yes" or "okay" and I was to respond on time because there was a lot to go over. He continued to tell me about the company and then started to ask me my series of questions yes some was legit employment questions until it started to turn into questions of personal like what you wouldn’t ask in a interview as "what is your monthly income", "do you have a credit or debit card","do you own or rent","what phone carrier network do I operate with". You could tell after awhile it was scripted and very well planned it was also like 2 different people were also in conversation in the typing on this telegram because the grammer was off! I was told that during my training I needed some software programs and named them all off on what I needed if I didn’t have them funds would be covered on the company. They claimed they had 1,092 affiliated companies who owes Topray Solar money so they would use that like a refund solely for the benefit of their employees. So that was to pay for the materials. And they were going to send a check within 1 business day and that they had company’s certified vendors who they have been buying from for years that will provide me with all my info on this laptop. He was going to contact me the next business day with a job offer letter, W-4 and I-9 forms. Into the next morning I received these forms and letter along with a task I had to have letter back in 2 hours and task done in 24. He continued to tell me about how there was a online app that I could electronically download and get my forms of W-4 and I-9 plus job offer back to him quicker so that I could get into their company and start getting paid. My job offer letter and the forms were sent by someone the name of Ciaran McGahan ([email protected]) said they were a supervisor representing Topray. On my job offer letter was a name Wukui Chen (Founder). with an address out of china.

Savannah –

Victim Location 43613

Type of a scam Employment

I emailed my resume to Topray Solar Company for a job opportunity. They contacted me via email and wanted me to set up a messenger app on my phone called Telegram. This was how I was to correspond with them for an online interview. They offered me a data entry position. I was to contact them the following morning and they would give me information as to how to obtain a laptop for home. They wanted me to start doing data entry prior to their new location in Perrysburg Ohio opening. They were to give me information as to how to pay for this laptop as well as all the software programs that I would need. They said they had a special account and they would give me the details the following morning, so that I would not have to pay for it out of pocket according to Frank Lynn. I tried doing some research on this company. The name "Topray" is associated with solar panels but I could not find any information on a company by this name. I have a friend who is an engineer at a local Solar Company here and he was not familiar with Topray Solar. In my email this morning there were forms for me to complete one was a W-4 and the other an I-9. The data entry position they offered me was to pay $15.75 during training and upon completion of training they would pay $20.75. They had also asked me if I wanted to be paid weekly or bi-weekly which was a red flag. And they had also asked if I wanted direct deposit or a check. They asked me which bank I banked with just to make sure that they were able to do direct deposit with my banking facility. Another strange question they ask during the interview process was what was who was my mobile phone providers name and was it a prepay or just regular pay.

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