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On Friday, Jan 10,2020 a man knocked on my door. He claimed to be the owner of Top Style – Asphalt Contractors. He advised that his company was doing some paving in our area next week and would I like my driveway redone. Anyway, there was snow all over the place. I asked him the cost and he quoted me $8500.00. Would that be OK? I said I would have to discuss with my husband. He said can you call him now? I said no, do you have a card? He gave me one. I noticed a white van parked across my driveway full of people. The windows were all steamed up. This was at approximately 1 in the afternoon.

He said please call him before 5 and let him know. I said Not happening. He again said to have husband call- and if we wanted it done, he had to know before the weekend. Really? It was Friday. I was uncomfortable from the very beginning with his rushed Behavior. I had a very bad feeling about this man being in our neighbourhood on a day when it snowed, his quick estimate, his hurried demeanour and this was going to happen next week when snow and rain are the only type of weather coming up? Unreal!! I did look up the Business, could not find it.I suspect this is a total rip off. I was unable to get the licence plate number. I

have since found a complaint filed by someone from 2018 about a company with a very similar name, a ten year warranty etc. I am hoping that by posting this there is enough information that the other party may be able to collect their $$ and that others will NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY. I had an aversion to people who are trying to rip off others for their hard earned $$. I hope this is helpful.

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