Robert –

Victim Location 10475

Total money lost $170

Type of a scam Online Purchase

paypal seller Top sale llc Website description of purchase through paypal shows software but then seller describes table wow, red flags and a linked paypal website also shows different http:// purchased a Ashley Ralene expandable table, I contacted PayPal because it was about 2 days no email, I contacted PayPal but they insisted I wait for seller, I never received any reply and the next day I was sent a UPS tracking It was showing delivered I confirmed the package was delivered to an unknown name and address which shared my city, state and zip. I received a Verbal description of seller and receiver actual delivery changed driver delivered to same building # but different street, Bronx NY 10475; Seems to me that UPS Employees are in on the ponzi scheme, it was a total legit Seller called BEARPAW which using a 3rd party delivery service called 3pl Global, receiver was a resident I confirmed on fastpeoplesearch funny how the package was only 3.04lbs and not a table, and PayPal still closed my case within just checking delivery tracking showed delivery to front door left by driver at city, state and zip which matches mine, a UPS employee is in on scam only makes sense. How would the Seller give something like this. Oh to top it all off Paypal does not investigated even after I appealed and reopened case showing undeliverable emails sent to seller & documents, seller goes on website every 5-7 days for all disputes sending the same Tracking#1Z78R1620375566957 that shows delivered. feel free to use my tracking UPS they will feel free to email you with this same info. FYI the tel. from seller shows (562)695-1014 Anaheim, CA check the UPS Tracking started from his city and stat. Good luck to us all. I am Disputing with card used on paypal & I will send them all the documents. I am a customer of paypal of 18 years and I am not trusted funny even got the paypal credit how so, okay no problem. Good luck with Paypal complaints no known cases shown for seller as of yet; I just called again. How has this website even done this to this many people. I also exposed seller through trust as others are showing this as a Ponzi scheme.

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