Grant –

Victim Location 54110

Total money lost $42,320

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was set up with Tilde Finance LLC (Alexei Rezanov) through Platinum Funding LLC about obscuring a business loan for my small business to purchase the building that I currently have a land contract on. We have the insurance bond paper work, the loan agreement, and loan contract paperwork along with all emails and text messages from both Tilde Finance and Platinum Funding LLC. I jumped through the hoops he wanted me to and paid the loan processing fees and everything was confirmed to go for my business loan and he mentioned I would have my money dispersed in the next 24 hours. Well a week went by and no money and no contact back from him from messages, phone calls, or text messages. He then proceed to keep telling me this is the last fee but it never was the last fee. Here I sit with over $42,320 paid out to get the loan my business needed and still do not have my loan that was contracted for me. It has been 3 months now and still have not received anything. I now filled out a Termination Agreement to be refunded the money that was used for processing fees on a loan that doesn’t exist. Alexei Rezanov is now currently still saying that there are fees of over $9000. I will not be giving this "final fee" because there will most likely be another one after this.

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