Thomas Gomez

Maria –

Victim Location 37726

Type of a scam Other

Don’t fall for it! So you get a call from someone telling you you’ve won a new Honda Civic and 285K cash. They give you a package number and code number and ask you to repeat it. They tell you you are the only winner for your state and congratulate you multiple times. Then a so called "Thomas Lee Gomez" if that’s his name, tells you " Don’t spend it all in one place and to spend it wisely." They try and fish you in and tell you 99% of the taxes are paid but 1% is not and that you have to pay the 1% in order to receive it. They get your name, number and address and ask you to repeat what you’ve won. They keep asking if you are home or will be home when the delivery guy (UPS) delivers and that it will not come regular mail but will be hand delivered by him at 6pm. Hmm.. I’m thinking they may actually want to break into to your house for easy cash. I was a little unsure at first and provided my name and address but then caught on. It’s a scam folks! I think we need to get the police involved. This event occurred 7/26/19 at about 12:45pm Eastern time. No one should have to go through this.

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