The trust community foundation

Caroline –

Victim Location 75503

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

It’s a Trust Community Foundation assistants program to help and support the Citizens in the community with cash to maintain their standards of good living in the year 2020 and you don’t have to pay it back are you ready to proceed further to benefit from this program?

I recived a messege on Facebook messenger from a friend. She told me of this place TCF. She said she had received 50,000.00 grant from them and that i should apply. I told her I couldn’t believe this and she said it is true. She said they brought her money to her house. I kept not believing her but she kept promising it is true. So I went on messenger and applied like a stupid person now they have a copy of my Drivers Lic. I don’t know what to do. If they get into my bank and get what little money i have. Please what should i do

Todd –

Victim Location 74038

Type of a scam Government Grant

They used a person I trust. He had no idea about this. I called his number and talked to him as they were texting me in his name. Saying The Trust Community Foundation…they are helping the old young retired workers students and disable with cash and check which you don’t have to pay back. The benefit money is from the agency’s head office to help the community. Have you gotten yours yet. Call 302-583-1958 this is a text line only. Message him now that you want to know if your name is still on the winners list. (I asked his name) Christian Williams (I asked to call him) My phone is bad when I got my grant money I was so happy I threw my phone and since then I hasn’t been function well…i have return it to AT&T for repair and I’m getting it next week. Massage him rightbnowbtht you want to knonifbyour name instill on their winners list. s

Meghan –

Victim Location 60107

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They offer a grant but they require fees up front. I cant locate any accreditation or information about them online.

"Here is the available grant, you are to choose below amount you want to claim: You pay $580 and get $20,000.00 You pay $725 and get $35,000,00 You pay $1000 and get $40,000,00 You Pay $1500 and get $50,000,00. You pay $2000 and get $80,000,00. You pay $3000 and get $150,000,00. You pay $4500 and get $200,000.00 You pay $6000 and get $300,000.00 You pay $7000 and get $450,000.00 You pay $8500 and get $550,000.00 You pay $9500 and get $750,000.00 Final you pay $10,000 get $1,000,000"

Jenna –

Victim Location 97396

Type of a scam Government Grant

was contacted via facebook messaging by my "uncle" he told me to text the above number to see if I won money. I did and they wanted money before I could get the money. they said I would get 20000.00 if I paid 550.00. It was not my uncle that contacted me. found out some of my friends were also contacted with the same offer from this person that stole my uncles photo and name. I did not give them any money although they are still texting me.

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  1. Same thing happened to me but I did not fall for it after the friend request was immediate from a so-called dignified individual. Blocked the so-called friend who suggested it. Filed a complaint with BBB

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